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  1. Hope you get your money back on those Julian, you're one of the good guys on here and although I have never dealt with you I have always noticed you're willing to help other members and very decent when you have a part someone wants :thumbup


    I've added a link for your auction  to the Facebook Manta owners page.

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  2. 23 hours ago, philip1971 said:

    It ain't mate , iv seen it in the flesh , floor only needs welding and sill and a bit on rear lower arch . Everything's there , needs engine and box ,  bloody good shell. Ps it's gone . Please refraine from calling people names in his dicription , it's not on . The lads a canny lad . And does not need people like you being abusive .


    Apologies Philip. Have to say though, you've really brushed up on your English in the last week or two, or taken my advice :ph34r:.
    Oh, just out curiosity, did you have far to travel to view it? 





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  3. Hi folks,

    Need a few bits and bobs so before I go to Ebay just checking to see if anyone has some spares to get rid of.

    I'm after a set of pads & shoes, front brake hoses x2, rear brake hose & a tie rod end.

    Anyone with some or all let me know,



  4. On 29/01/2017 at 13:12, Kwacker said:

    Hi all, I'm the bloke trying to sell my mums Manta GTE. You may have noticed the bid has come down after the time waster retracted his playful bid.

    The car is pretty much original as the day it left the showroom here in Liverpool.The radio was indeed an added 'upgrade'. The interior is very good and ORIGINAL. I did list the car as a 1985 model, but the car was bought 01/08/1986,my mistake. It will probably end up being relisted on EBay as someone has already mentioned.

    Hopefully with genuine bids !!!

    Ian, the auction ended 10 days ago, did the sale go ahead? Hope so.

  5. Some bidders tend to put in artificial high bids to find out what an opposing bidder's maximum bid is, so while he withdrew his bid chances are he may well bid again as auction nears end. That's one reason I never bid myself on  Ebay items, preferring to use a snipe program that bids my maximum amount seconds before auction ends.

    If my bid is successful I have my item at a price I am happy to pay, otherwise it was too much. Also prevents getting into 'bidding wars'.

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  6. There have been quite a few threads on fitting quad lights and sourcing parts for them, but most seem to have faded out with little or no conclusion, with few decent photos. I'm in the process of trying to assemble a set, and have gathered up some odds and sods from various different sets. As far as I can gather, there has been at least three different setups fitted to the Manta  , the original type fitted to early cars including the i200 had a two piece setup that included a large mounting bracket setup that bolted to the rear of the surround, the later Irmscher type that used plastic bolts with rubber trim around the headlights and a Bosch Irmscher setup that used a two piece nest to hold the lights and three bolts came from the 'nest' were used to adjust the beam. There was also another setup that used Optilux lights that are very hard to source now? I'm open to correction on these points, and ideally will update OP with proper information as I garner it.

    Anyway to my own predicament. I have a nice set of surrounds in blue, that are nice and straight and in good condition. They have holes around the inside for the adjusting bolts to go through. I also have a set of the two piece nests fitted to old Cibie lights, that I'm hoping to use. However the bolts protruding from them don't line up with the holes in my surrounds. I also have a couple of Hella lights that again have three (in this case plastic) bolts, but again they won't line up with surrounds, they seem to have the same pattern as the Cibie nests. I think I should be able to drill new holes in the surrounds to enable me to use the Cibie nests, can anyone confirm this either way? I have taken some photos of the various bits I have, and have numbered them so that even if they are surplus to my needs, hopefully they will help others understand various components needed rather than trying to describe the part.

    Sorry for the long thread, but hopefully it will be helpful in the long run to others. 15250852_10154709239432086_2263364753314


    Sorry, seems to only allow one photo per post? Anyway, these are the Cibie nests.




    Ah, seems to be Ok now :) The surrounds...



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  7. Picked up a brand new pair of these Lucas sealed beams today so I'll be going at the bezels with the blade or the oven soon :)

    I am pretty sure these are main beam, and have only two prongs. So as far as I know, these would be the inner lights? Could I have the outside pair as main and dip then, as I am a bit concerned the older sealed beams may not give off as good a light as the more modern H4?





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