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  1. Thanks for reply lad - may get back to you for more info
  2. Thanks m8 - apt name as well in this case!
  3. Hi lads, I need a cam shaft for my 1980 2.0SR Ascona & remember a thread on here where someone said they were different from GTE cam. I believe the difference was a groove somewhere to do with oil flow? Can anyone shed any light for me please? Cheers Fermanta
  4. Second last pic shows tailgate open? Looks good value to me. Why do people use CAPS on Ebay though..makes adds so hard to read.
  5. Would Cavalier Mk1 be the same? Don't have any (at present) but might be more common?
  6. Should have one here for postage costs as well but won't be able to post till monday if still required let me know.
  7. The fact that he's listed about ten items seperately & pretty much hogs the first page of Ebay adds attracts enough attention I'd have thought
  9. PM Steel on here - think he still has seats anyway.
  10. Contact next highest bidder & make second chance offer r'kid
  11. Theres a couple of mantas for sale in the classified Colin. I have a white one I might part with as well - give me a call sometime tomorrow on 07743 443777. I'm only down the road from you as well (Fermanagh). Welcome along.
  12. Cheers Strada. I have both though - was undecided but have had a lot of positive fb on her as it is. I got a nice sunstrip for it but will leave it off till I MOT it.
  13. I got my 400R ones from Ascona400 - great quality & service tbf. Also got the door ones in grey silver yellow & an opel team sunstrip from him. All perfect and made to requirements. Poor quality pics but you'll get the idea:
  14. I`m not the seller sorry. Contact the seller to see if he will post to Lithuania. Let me know if it is possible.
  15. Can strongly recommend 400R's decals - great quality & service as well
  16. Your local Motor Factor may be able to get them from Hadrian panels: Arch repair section RH Arch Repair LH
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