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  1. Chrome or plastic? Might be able to help but in Ireland....
  2. Pretty sure it has sold Drew: RR Thread
  3. I've got two cav saloons. One that was originaly a browny colour but now orange and one the same colour as that. Will post some pics tomorrow if I can find them. That colour can look surprisingly good! Just found some in my email:
  4. I have a spare keyboard here lad if you need one.
  5. Luke - I have one here from a 1.4Sri Corsa C which should be the same? Tried to ring you there - I`m up the road from you in Roscommon 086 2053136. Paul Same as this one or this one on ebay.
  6. Like I say it's only my opinion & in reality they're only going to be worth what you get for them. I would have them off you in a flash only you're too far away from me. The fact that they're the Exclusive ones (painted in antracite I assume) would in most cases add to their value. However travis is going to paint them so in that case condition/colour isn't as important. Oh and it's "thought" not "fought".
  7. £20 per wheel & tyre is very cheap imho especially if the wheels are good & assuming they are complete with centre caps.
  8. Very scarce. If you don't get sorted try Brizer on Totalopel.com Brizer
  9. They look good Leon. Did you have any trouble fitting them? There was a thread on here sometime back that went into great detail about fitting these lights to the surrounds & improvising where the original holders/adjusters weren't available but it seems to have dissapeared! Also did you use rubber surrounds on the rear of them? I think I can see something but it looks to be a paler blue rather than the black I would have expected?
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