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  1. Got these yesterday Gary - very pleased! Hopefully will blend in with the contour of the fibreglass spoiler. Pretty confident they will but won't know for certain till middle of week. Thanks m8 - great stuff!
  2. Good spot Gary! Looks like a totally different car in new add though. Very professional. Was a bargain first time for sure.
  3. This would be a great help if you could sir!
  4. Thanks for reply Gary. Do you think it could be stuck down or even screwed from underneath ? Even if they're not great I would get a good idea from them if they would be suitable & then if weren't up to scratch I could then hunt down a good pair. How much do you want for them - I can Paypal you payment. Cheers r'kid!
  5. Hi all - looking for the two rubber side parts of an Exclusive spoiler. Condition not that important. I`m fitting a fibreglass one but having trouble getting the side parts to meet the main piece to my liking. Maybe these would work? Thanks Paul
  6. Well I`m sure the BOLD CAPS will help if there is! Oh - I replied to your post on Total Opel
  7. That's a well known shoe in Manta circles ..... ^^^
  8. This guy has some cheap fuel pumps. Listed @ £35.99 but looking through his sales he has accepted £32 inc p&p. Pump
  9. If Titson doesn't have one I have one on a hatch that I won't be using. Only problem is I`m in Ireland but can post it if required.
  10. Sorry - just found them last night - I`ve got 8 here so if you aren't sorted yet pm me your address & I`ll pop in post.
  11. Ok m8 I`ll know tomorrow after lunch how many I can muster up.
  12. I have some - might not have 15 but I`ll check. How many normally hold on each strip? Paul
  13. Alright fella - if you're about tomorrow I might nip over & lift them from you. Is your 400R there as well ? Cheers Paul 07743 443777 Oh I have a rough rubber spoiler so a second set won't go astray!
  14. Ok lad thanks - but like I say I`m in Bristol later today & heading to Manchester tomorrow so could meet if you if your in between, Paul
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