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  1. Engine looks like it would be worth asking price alone
  2. I'll give that a go but going to wait to see if there are any more suggestions, thanks Dave.
  3. Anyone (Mantadoc?) know how to seperate those black rings? Came across three of them with rusted Cibie lights in situ, but can't seem to get them apart. I'm guessing due to age they'll be a bit brittle so dont want to break them messing around with them...
  4. Reading the post is one thing, understanding it would be a whole different ball game. I think the gist of it is that someone is unhappy that people have stopped giving away Mantas and parts for nothing.
  5. Will give it a go, I'm due a bath any week myself now
  6. Shirley someone has came across this problem....?
  7. A common problem for most owners of the rubber three piece coupe rear spoiler I reckon, but can they be straightened? Have one here that was stored badly and has sagged.
  8. I'm after a rear seat squab in burnt orange if you there's one left when you've finished lads
  9. Now linkng me to some luggage! Not sure where the glitch is, but pretty sure it's not my system as this is the only time I've seen it happen, and I'm not the only one. Could you put up the item number as I do indeed have a hatch Cheers!
  10. He (David?) does have a contact number on another advert if anyone is interested: 07714188493
  11. Anymore pics of this, looks stunning!
  12. Not sure what you want? You've been told the prices of the individual items and also a ballpark figure for what complete packages have sold for in the past. The reason pricing them individually comes out quite hefty is because you'd get more selling them indivdually. As you have also been told Of course though they're your items and you can chose how to sell, but I'd split them. All items are rare and sought after, but some people won't require everything.
  13. Check this out lads! 2.3D, looks like our old faithful CIH http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VAUXHALL-CARLTON-GL-2-2-TURBO-DIESEL-RARE-APPRECIATING-FUTURE-CLASSIC-/172117936976?hash=item2813074b50:g:HQQAAOSwWTRW1FwY
  14. The last one on Ebay made £150 & postage was another £40 on top. Manta louvre, Sept 14.
  15. Fair comment to make if you can substaniate it. Go for it. ...
  16. Sold for £1550, guy that bought it is restoring it.
  17. I remember seeing a really nice early Manta B in black, think the owner may have been on here? Anyone got any photos of it? Thanks in advance...
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