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  1. Welcome back Mac 😁 Look forward to catching up with you at some point.
  2. The time has come for me to sell my manta model collection. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252387565167
  3. Hi Clive Nice to hear from you, will call you for a catch up over the weekend mate. Think we should have an old members reunion drink on the sat night, could get very messy lol
  4. Thanks Jack, I'm hoping to get another one at some point in the future
  5. Already looking, but all way out of what I can afford
  6. Hi guys After being in limbo for the last two years, I've just renewed my membership. Having been a member from '94 , I've really missed the feeling of the manta family and look forward to catching up with old friends at Billing. 😎
  7. I used to own that year's ago, wish I had the funds and somewhere to put it, I'd soon have it and put it back to standard. Yes it is the pre-production model with items fitted in the factory that never made it to the production model.
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