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  1. Are you after a project or something already useable? Early or late B? Whereabouts are you? What's your budget?
  2. Welcome back Martin! Is that BEEDZ'S old car you've bought?
  3. I'd like to say "At last! Jesus Sutty, get it done, it's been long enough mate!" but that would be massively hypocritical of me. So I'll say it's excellent to see some progress and excellent for me to get some inspiration to get mine sorted
  4. Worth a few quid to the right person, just not so many people doing Asconas or Cav saloons these days. Most of them would end up with 400 arches anyway
  5. Sorry guys, been a hectic couple of weeks involving loved ones in hospital and commuting to visit. Will check it tomorrow and get it sorted, apologies for the delay
  6. No worries, they're a proper weak spot, virtually every 70s/80s GM car I've owned has had a perished vacuum hose at some point. I'll check how much we've got left tomorrow and let you guys know!
  7. Hi Stu, long time no speak! We keep the right stuff in work, if your number's still the same I'll give you a call during the week. Quite happy to chuck some in a jiffy bag for you mate
  8. Drop me a message tomorrow Sutty, we bought up some old stock in work a couple of years ago and I'm pretty sure we still have a few sets in stock.
  9. I've got one you can have for free if you can come get it from Carms, SA18 area. Bronze tint
  10. Excellent work mate! If this ends up half as good as your previous efforts it'll be a stunner. Good to see you're keeping busy
  11. GM part no 11063012, still available at Vaux dealers last time I tried
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