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  1. Nope! Windscreen and rear screen are 20 minutes each max, a lot less if you've done a few before. Trick is to sit inside the car, start in the middle of the top edge and pop the rubber over the edge of the metal bit it sits over. It gets trickier round the corners, but keep going slowly and carefully (I use a blunt flat screwdriver), work down the sides of the screen and eventually you'll be able to lift the screen out. The rear quarter windows probably aren't attached anyway, they never are
  2. I'd forgotten about the Carlton, I think some early 12v cars may have had it, definitely not the 24v though as they'd gone to hydraulic clutches by then. Now that I think about it the Senator A2 with the 2.5 engine probably had a 265 as well, but you'd struggle to find one now I think.
  3. Does it have to be NOS? My dad's got one which was reconditioned by a local specialist at huge expense not too long ago, it's a spare so he may be persuaded to part with it. And as far as I know that box was only ever used in Monzas and one Senator A.
  4. As Keith says, could be a brake pipe, leaky wheel cylinder, knackered master cylinder, any number of things. Pump the pedal and have a look for fluid on the floor for a start
  5. Not really. Everyone knows how rare the cars are, if you're someone like Manfred in Germany with a Broadspeed that you've spent insane money on, this might just be the perfect finishing touch to leave in the windscreen at shows. If you can afford a Broadspeed this is peanuts.
  6. Looks suspiciously like it! I won't be able to make it to the AGM, I'll see about the open day at Luton and let you know. Thanks!
  7. No mad rush Steve, but if you can find it I can sort out getting it couriered
  8. That link takes me to a load of the seller's items, lots of CIH stuff but no 1800
  9. Anyone got one? Got a project coming on and can't seem to find one for sale anywhere!
  10. I'd love to know what they were actually for, couldn't place them at all
  11. If it's an 1800 it's a different type again
  12. If you're anywhere near south Wales I've got a few, you're welcome to one!
  13. Ring do some excellent upgraded bulbs, I've chucked them in all of my cars and they do make an amazing difference
  14. If you want an indicator lens PM me your address and I'll chuck one in the post on Monday. Or if you want a whole bumper I've got a few lying around, you can have one for free!
  15. A quick Google shows a different front and rear end on the Commodore, but the doors are definitely Opel Senator A. Do the Commodores suffer with chronic rot around the front strut turrets like the Senators over here do? Is rust even a real thing in Australia?
  16. I may have a lead on one fairly locally, if it doesn't work out I'll be in touch lads
  17. Picked up the new project saloon today, with a nice crack in the screen. Anyone got a good one they'd like to exchange for some beer tokens?
  18. Welcome! I've just got back from a four hundred and something mile round trip to pick up another Cav saloon, the blue one you commented on over on the FB group earlier. It'll make a nice companion for my sapphire blue Cav coupe, you're not the only Vauxhall lover on this Opel forum
  19. Don't want to step on anyone's toes or hijack a thread, but I could do with a pair of subframes too if anyone's still got any after Sutty's sorted!
  20. 14s were only on the Senators and Royales, all the Monzas I've ever seen were on 6x15s. My old man and my uncle broke dozens of big sixes between them back in the 80s and 90s. If anyone's interested by the way I have a stack of 40 or so 6x14 Ronals sitting in my garden.
  21. GM6 are still very much about, UK spec Monzas were all 6x15 though. Apart from 400s the only other car with wider Ronals in that style I'm aware of was the Bitter SC.
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