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  1. i suggest welding a triangle bracket underneath the round tube for the engine mountings, i did like yours first time when i ran the CIH 6 and they cracked the welds.
  2. i can probably help with a steel bonnet. regards ian
  3. Chris what kind of peddle box are you using, i require something like your set up to avoid my carbs. regards Ian
  4. spotted this A series in Skegby in Nottinghamshire, had a quick chat with the owner and seemed a nice Guy
  5. ill be there in a spectating capacity aswell.
  6. Lewis i got all my bearing requirements satisfied by FW Thorntons, top guys and can get most stuff for you. regards Ian
  7. Chris where did you get the replacement lamp bezells from as i require some for my other manta, also who is your supplier for the front top of the valance sections under the headlights. cheers Ian
  8. we used to use a 0 ET offset on 7" wide 13" rims but we had to use a 25mm spacer between disc and wheel to clear the brake calipers.
  9. Hi there, Yes you are correct, we have an early Rally sitting in the lock up , NEEDS WORK!!!, and it does have these wheels on it. Sorry but not for sale, dont know why as its been sitting there for about 7yrs untouched.
  10. Craig, Im sorry for this, and i hope i'm wrong but things have changed. Even if the cage was homologated back in the 80's it is not legal now. Safety regs supperced all previous regs. The front roll bar leg can only have one bend in it, it can have an another staight leg from the top corner down to the floor or have welded brackets to the windscreen piller ect. but as far as i understand nothing else. Please check this out , MSA will tell u if ok but dont get too far without checking. As i say im not the oracle on this, only trying to help John
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