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  1. Is there anyone in the club with this information? Back in about 93 when I joined with my exclusive, I got a kind of certificate from John Hemsby(?) marked as the 'exclusive register' and it showed my car detail, where it was manufactured, which plant and the date of manufacture (1986). All that from a copy of my logbook I sent in. So if that info is available for exclusives, surely its available for earlier mantas such as my 77 registered SR B? That would be reason enough to join!
  2. My 2.4 has a 2.2 flywheel and the clutch is original 2.2 which is 9". Pretty sure someone told me it was the same as a Monza one. My flywheel was a bit scored so I had 3mm skimmed off it as well which served to lighten it slightly too. The clutch has never slipped so far!
  3. Roy


    Cam in head - You might be describing the non vented disc version of the 2.2 Carlton ones? I bought a brand new pair once from ebay thinking they were all for vented discs. But they aren't! Simply not deep enough. So these would fit standard manta solid discs i would imagine and look identical to the Carlton ones... because they are! Still got them in the garage somewhere as both my cars use vented discs now. Roy
  4. Hi Kes, I'm in Brighton and there's a few more guys locally with cars in various states. I have to travel to the M25 and pop briefly into Kent to see Wendys lot for the nearest Manta meet!
  5. Its not my place to try and influence your agm proposal. My opinion, if anyone wants to know, is that you already have a procedure in place to deal with foul language or disruptive forum members. You would ban them and/or delete their comments. At the end of the day its the clubs forum paid for by members subs. So you have total control and can remove people without having to give a reason if you so wish. However by restricting postings to members only, you are removing the input from 99% of other non members (or shall we call them potential members) from the forum where they contribute and learn. A sad day for everyone, and many people would never join on principle because someone is trying to force them to do so. My mantas have been off the road for years and my membership lapsed probably around the same time, but I enjoy keeping up with what's going on and offering advice or parts from almost 30 years of manta ownership. Keep the club alive! Help people with specific membership enquiries (I have seen many left unanswered-including mine) and encourage membership.. but try not to get dragged into petty arguments. Direct people with a serious question to the AGM, then it can be addressed formally and in the correct environment. I wish you all the best and a large turnout at the AGM...
  6. Along with his equally nice Monaco blue exclusive
  7. Hi Martin, I'm in Brighton so potentially local, and I know of a few other mantas in the local area.. none currently on the road! If you pick another one up give me a shout Local club meets are currently in Kent though sadly. Roy
  8. My OP234 runs with hydraulic lifters, I used the solids Kent supplied to start with but it was so noisy I changed for my spare new hydraulics the engine runs fine. Everything I've read in the past suggests you can use either but for better instant performance you need to go solid lifters. Mine goes just fine!
  9. Lower suspension arms both sides for a B series in good condition needed as mine look too rusty to be safe. No cracks or heavy rusting please. Thanks
  10. Injectors were a real issue for me on a stood car, had to change nearly all of them out. After that it was he fuel pump giving up but we've already had THAT conversation
  11. Pete, that ascona being bought for its engine was a REEEEEAAALLLLY long time ago wasn't it?! Half the OMOC members were probably still at school lol
  12. Roy

    GTE fuel pump

    Thanks Danny, best of luck with the set up, When mine was overfuelling badly I had it trailered to a company in Crawley, really well known, engine tuning, rolling road etc etc. I gave them a budget of £500 to get it running sweet, after 2 weeks I had a call to say the budget was used up and they couldn't find the issue. It turned out to be the temp sensor as I said. I certainly hope you have better luck then me !
  13. Roy

    GTE fuel pump

    Just an observation, but when I set mine up I mistakenly used the 2.4 temp sensor in the thermostat housing and that caused overfueling. Switching to a new 2.2 one fixed it. Equally the notched wheel inside the airflow meter can be adjusted for richer or leaner running. I prefer plug and play which is why I have stuck to the full 2.2 system. God help me when I need to find a replacement part! If it comes to you not needing the spare 2.2 ECU think of me! I'd happily buy it off you as a spare for mine. Roy
  14. Roy

    GTE fuel pump

    So Danny do you suspect the new pump was at fault or the ecu? My 2.4 runs a full 2.2. Carlton injection system incl ecu. Mine isn't started very often so I'm unlikely to see issues until I get my finger out and re mot it!
  15. Roy

    GTE fuel pump

    Guess what, i bought a new pump off ebay and my 2.4 is running once again! It must be catching Danny.. Roy
  16. Hi all, quick opinions please. If I run a coupe out of fuel (the car lives on the drive and I start it occasionally, is it possible the fuel pump can seize? The car normally starts fine, I suspected the fuel was running low and then the next time it wouldn't start. I can't feel the pump doing anything on cranking or with the 2p trick so I suspect the pump has stuck. I even put 12v direct to the terminal but nothing. I added 2 jerry cans of fuel and I tried tapping it but to no avail, can I whack it or is it likely its time for a new pump? cheers Roy
  17. Guys I'd like to do a web membership but as above I can only see the full membership option. Can anyone help me out?
  18. Roy

    Fuel reg.

    Make sure you have the correct temp sender on the thermostat. I ran a 2.4 with 2.2 injection and I had the same problem until I put a new 2.2 temp sender in. It was massively overfueling because the sender was wrong.
  19. No spite, the dirty one is a scene from the film manta manta....
  20. Thanks all for the replies. I did buy all new pump and filters and I now have one of Clives nice stainless pump brackets on the way. I guess I was hoping there would be a more convenient solution to tucking it back up under the car again.
  21. Yes there are Ian, but I've got a very rusty example of why keeping them under the car is a pain in the **** Lol If I extended the wiring, presumably I could get a non return valve? But again, as you say if a pipe does give way then you will certainly have an issue. The main question though is, is it possible? Will it work? regardless of possible leaks..
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