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  1. Apart from the reg No it's identical to my 1st Manta (D252EVN) Thanks for the history James. hopefully I should be able to get up to view it in the next week or so. If it's not sold before then!
  2. http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/opel-manta-gte-exclusive/1063530820 Looking to get back into a Manta & wondered if anybody knows this car.
  3. Andy, I've got a spare you can have, will bring it to the next East Mids meet if you're going or if not can post it to you.
  4. I owned D252EVN in 1996/7 and was in pretty good condition when I sold it. Unfortunately it was written off by the next owner
  5. Got a set of early flat lense quads £100.00 posted
  6. Got a set with good tyres £50 for collection or can stick on a pallet if you can arrange a courier for a weekend.
  7. Having seen one of these off ebay jobs, don't know whether it's from this chap or not, I wouldn't waste my money. Was poorly welded and made from thin walled box, was fit for roasting chickens over a fire and that's about it. Have to agree with the above if you've got the skills to do the work that requires one you could make a good un for a lot less.
  8. Got one in Notts on a car I'm breaking, £20.00 if you want to come and take it out.
  9. 12 months is 12 months whether you like it or not. My insurance company don't say you didn't renew on the exiry date so we will back date this years and give you 11 months for the price of 12. You can't quote something that you don't have in writing. This is the same old attitude to be expected from this joke of a club and that is why so many people have complained with their feet and left. I'll be adding myself to that list.
  10. No I did not renew at Billing. I did it via Paypal on 13th July 2010 purchasing 12 months membership. Show me where it states that you have the right to back date my new membership to the expiry date of my old membership. I paid for 12 months and expect 12 months. No wonder membership is in the decline when this is how you treat members. Making up terms and conditions to suit as and when without having any laid out anywhere. Having just been through the link to renew there is nothing that informs the member that membership will be back dated, so either put that in the T's & C's or act like a responsible club and run memberships for 12 months from renewal. The reason you have given for my lack of access is weak and not good enough.
  11. I would like to know why as a member who is paid up until 13th July 2010 12 months after renewing last that I have been removed from the members user group. By my reckoning I still have 11 days of my membership to run and have paid for the right to have this access. Maybe someone can explain why this has occurred?
  12. Got a full set of the flat Lucas lamps £40.00 + postage if you're interested.
  13. Not going to be able to make it tonight now as working late
  14. Drop the chairman a PM he may have some copies of older mags
  15. £800 for a brand new one is good value compared to £500 or £600 for a used one of unknown condition
  16. You'll need to be a fully paid club member to be able to camp on the OMOC field. See link below for details on how to join http://www.mantaclub.org/online%20applications/joinonline.html
  17. Got a few here, can dig one out for when you collect the seats
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