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  1. I had the similar problem with my 2.7 Exclusive coupe last summer; the car started but ran horribly and cut out randomly. after trying new coil, dissy cap, spark plugs, fuel pump, nothing worked. turned out to be bad fuel; I had about a quarter tank of super unleaded left over from the previous year, and it was only by siphoning out the out fuel and putting in fresh, was the issue resolved. it was especially a pain replacing the fuel pump; I sawed off the rubber mount in order to replace it, and had to order a new one, luckily, from here: https://www.edelschmiede.com/shop/Set-rubber-buffer-fuel-pump-Opel-cih-rubber-bearing-petrol-pump
  2. hi, my best mate needs these for his 1980 Berlinetta SR coupe; I managed to find the rears on German Ebay, but cant find the fronts.he's emigrating with the car in a couple of months, so any help with sourcing these would be appreciated. Danny Jacobs
  3. ok thanks for the replies. I'll have a look for the old Mini rear exhaust mounts Mantadoc mentioned. is this what you mean Mantadoc: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNIVERSAL-RUBBER-BOBBIN-COTTON-REEL-M6-THREAD-EXHAUST-OIL-COOLER-FUEL-PUMP-/321741760114
  4. scrub that question, as thinking about it, from memory, the rubber is glued to the underside of the car from the factory-am I right? assuming that's correct, does anyone know a way of PROPERLY securing the pump mounting under the car, without using cable ties? as I said previously, my car is approximately 60mm lowered and has 400Ib springs at the front and 275lb at the rear. Danny
  5. mmm, after reading these views, i'm having second thoughts now and will go down the route of getting a replacement mount-the idea of the high pressure fuel line breaking fills me with dread. like I said, my car is low and firmly sprung, hence my inquiry. anyone know what the GM part number is for said rubber mounting?
  6. hi, has anyone moved the fuel pump to the boot? i'm having trouble after replacing the pump on mine last summer-in replacing the pump, I sawed off the thick rubber shock absorber which attaches the pump mounting to the underside of the car-this in turn makes it difficult to securely mount the pump mounting as before. I've used cable ties which is not ideal, especially in a firmly sprung car like mine. also my previous Manta perished due to a leaking fuel pipe, (unbeknown to myself), attached to the pump caught fire during a run down to Cambridge on the M11 in 1996-I was using the rallying Jetex exhaust at the time and i'm sure that was the cause, so i'm wary of anything to do with the fuel pump area anyway. this begs the obvious question: has anyone moved the pump to the boot, to get round these fault liabilities? Danny Jacobs
  7. as Rutts said: sounds like the fuel pump relay; failing that, the pump itself. I had a similar problem earlier this summer, and it turned out to be the pump.
  8. "easy start method" must be the easy start spray from Halfords; I used this to start my car when I had starting probs myself a few months ago now. very handy. Danny
  9. thanks again guys, just ordered a new dizzy cap, rotor, leads and NGK spark plugs, to install tomorrow as the weather will be good; if the issue is still there, i'll go down gummed injectors then bad fuel route, and drain the fuel. really hope its not internal, as she ran ok when I took her to Billing in 2009.
  10. thanks a bundle guys; i havent checked the timing, as that was fine when i left it in 2009-it wont do ny harm to check it again though. fuel wise, i didnt siphon out the fuel,(was just under a quarter of a tank in there); i just put in about £25 worth of fuel, with a bottle of Wynns injector cleaner mixed in. the dizzy looks ok-it has electronic ignition; i'll try swapping out the leads though. i just need to get it running so I can get car up to Spalding, Lincs to a Megasuirt specialist, to finally get my MS3 plumped in. Danny
  11. hi, after many Saturdays trying to get my Manta to Billing for the first time since 2009, i had to give up late on Saturday; the engine has a bad misfire and isn't driveable. have tried: cleaned up splitfire spark plugs new fuel pump new coil and ignition module swapped out ECU for a couple of spare ones i had in the garage recycled the fuel in case it turned bad tried bypassing the two filters that are attached to the fuel pump in case they're contaminated. the misfire is terrible, any ideas on what else to try, anyone? she hasn't been driven since 2009. Danny
  12. Roy, took the car for its first MOT since 2009 on Saturday, and noticed the engine "hunting" on the way down; the car passed the MOT, but on the way home, the engine proceeded to stall as soon as the clutch was released while changing gear.me and my best mate decided to try and limp back, but after a distance of about a quarter of a mile, we rang a mate who brought his van and tow rope, to get a tow home. after discussing it with my best mate Andrew, who was with me,(and is the owner of a beautiful modified SRB coupe himself), we agreed the coil was at fault. i've ordered a new one plus an ignition module just in case. just need to tax her, fit the new coil and module, and fix a dead Kenlowe fan this Saturday, before the trip up to Billing on Sunday. the Megasquirt install will have to wait for a later date as the guy i've lined up to do the work, is up to his ears at the moment. the overfuelling issue has been resolved temporarily but installing a spare ECU i had at the back of my garage. Danny
  13. Roy, my Carlton head uses the standard temp sensor as far as i'm aware, and is standard apart from larger valves and gas flowed. is there a serial number or distinguishing mark to differentiate it from a standard one? i'll let you have my 2.2 ECU once the megasquirt is up and running; its in the hand of a specialist i contacted a few weeks ago in Peterborough-i mentioned that i'd like to have the car ready before Billing, but he couldnt guarantee that due to his workload. there's no way it'll get through an MOT at the moment. Danny
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