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  1. hi, my best mate, needs a set of B series coupe door seals for his modified coupe, if anyone has a set. his ones are on their way out. cant find any on Ebay. Danny Jacobs London
  2. all, the thin metal clip that retains the ignition coli module harness, on the nearside inner wing, has broken due to rust and i'd like to know if anyone has had this happen and where did they get a replacement.without it the harness tends to not make a firm connection resultng in a non starting Manta, especially in a stffer suspended car. its a piddly little thing and i've searched Ebay without success.ultimately i guess a mini cable tie or two will have to suffice if i cant find one. as i'm not a fan of seeing cable ties, i'd prefer not to do that. DJacobs Manta exclusive 2.7 CIH.
  3. think i have the MS2. I bought it in 2007. i want to mount it in the same spot as the existing std ecu; theyre both similar in depth with the megasquirt being a bit longer. will have to mount it onto a piece of metal cut to ft the space,(using the back of an an old std ecu as a template). had my lambda boss welded to my downpipe Saturday so i just need to drill an 18mm hole into the engine casting in order to mount the crank sensor, before installing the megasquirt itself.
  4. also as regards my fuel delivery issue- is 10.35 volts correct at the pump with the key on start? shouldnt it be 12 volts?
  5. the megasquirt V3 is different to the megajolt. the frontera trigger wheel was used on David Jackson's B project here:http://www.dj-motorsport.co.uk/ he used a Risse oil pump cover which is no longer available, but looking at the frontera one, it looks like it will fit once i drill out the engine casting for the sensor to go through. as i said earlier, i'm more concerned with mounting the V3 itself, as its larger than the original ECU, and may be too large for the kick panel to go back on- i havent tried it yet.
  6. hi, i've just pulled my 2.7 Exclusive coupe from its lock-up in the last week, after its been SORN'd for the last few years. i wont make it for Billing as i couldnt get it to start Saturday. i'm getting 10.35 volts to the fuel pump when i try to start the car- is this correct? would have expected 12 volts but maybe i'm wrong. its definitely a fuel delivery problem. anyway the main reason i posted this is because i'm fed up of the overfuelling problems when the car was on the road back in 2009(!), so i will finally install the Megasquirt V3 system i have had waiting to install since 2007 this summer!!! i've taken off my exhaust downpipe and will take it to get a lambda sensor boss welded in by a friend of mine on Saturday. i've already fitted a Frontera 2.4 oil pump cover to take the trigger wheel sensor, again off a Frontera. i noticed that i'll have to drill the engine casting in order to mount the sensor. i take it there'll be no danger of drilling through an oil gallery there? i'm hoping to somehow mount the Megasquirt unit where the existing factory ecu is-has anybody out there fitted one of these, and if so where did they install it? also is there anything else i need to consider? i already have the Frontera trigger wheel installed. Nick Webb sent me advice on the wiring back in the day so i'm good there. Danny
  7. when the alternator packed up on my 2.7 Exclusive, i bought a higher capacity one, (75 amps) from universal-alternators.co.uk for &65 + delivery. they can supply up to 150 amps, and i've had no problems with mine since it was installed in the summer. try Chris Smith on chris@universal.uk.com or tel. 01992 524548. highly recommended. Danny
  8. my 2.7 CIH failed its MOT test on fuel emmissions/CO level. i'm running a modified Carlton 2.2 head with associated injection system. its overfuelling, and after replacing the ECU, i dont know what else to do. can anyone help?i've only just brought it out of hibernation, and i know its not good to not use the car at all beforehand. ironically, i have a Megasquirt engine management system sitting in my garage; just needs someone to install and set it up. but i'd like to get through the MOT first with my present setup. any ideas anyone? Danny East London
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