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  1. Manta 400 engine came standard with a 2.4 block. If you don't know what one looks like then google a pic, and if its a genuine 400 engine thats offered for sale then get her bought....
  2. Nice pictures Henk. Unfortunate the way you ended up on the tow truck but it could have been much worse.
  3. Wow. 10/10 for owning a one off i suppose (the 4 door thingy) .....
  4. Great pictures.... I'm restoring an Ascona 400 rally car at the minute and the first registered owner on the log book after being bought new is 'Dealer Opel Team Ireland' ...
  5. Those blitz seats have been for sale from that guy for yonks - think he will own them for another while too at that price..
  6. Matt ?? Wasn't Malcolm who collected it from me lad, was a lorry driver who used to drive for us here at work...
  7. Who owns this one ?? Thinking its the guy from Orchard Motorsport who owns the lorry stand behind...
  8. Lol. Cheers. Funny I have a mate who lives 5 minutes from the seller.
  9. Cheers for the tip off sir. Collected the ronal half an hour ago....
  10. Sorry read post wrong - thought you were fitting the Commodore stub axles too....
  11. Have a set of commodore 5 stud hubs here for sale if anyone needs a set. Already on the standard Manta stub axle so basically bolt these on. You need to get a set of 400 steering arms as the Commodore bolt on arms are no good. I had one 400 steering arm but i had to buy another set of genuine 400 arms just to get the one i needed. And was lucky to get them at £400 for the pair.
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