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  1. Thanks Craig - I've actually be chatting with that guy on eBay - I'm not sure he knows what it is.. (he told me it's a 2.0 CIH overbored to 2.4) - am I right to think that's a 2.4 Frontera block with a 2.2 Carton head? Or a Frontera head? Can my manifolds be made to line up with that heads? (Rekord exhaust and Manta inlet, with Frontera injectors) They're all in a line, more or less (Manta GTE head), whereas the ports on that head are higher for the inlet & lower for the exhaust.. Any advice appreciated!
  2. Thanks Gents - there's no great rush for this, but if any are going then it'd be nice 8-)
  3. Or if I get sufficiently desperate a good 2.0 would be fine - or a complete engine? Preferably somewhere down South if it's a 2.0 - thanks!
  4. Anyone got any for sale? Is that even the right name for it? Incomplete interiors are fine, as are knackered drivers seat bolsters. Thanks! HC.
  5. Hi y'all, My 2.4 kerploded the day after Billing. I've got at least 1 cracked piston & fek knows what else.. Has anyone got a 2.4, complete with crank & pistons they could furnish me with? Must be known good, don't mind travelling a bit for it, or arranging pallet shipping, etc.. Thanks! HC.
  6. Bought that one on eBay - thanks! Fingers crossed all ok when it gets here
  7. Hi Y'all! Why am I having such a pain finding one?! Is it just me? Flywheel suggests I need something around 216mm - any assistance appreciated! Thanks
  8. My 'Man in the know' recons an A-Series one will do me nicely if Saturday goes to plan let me know how much postage will be (and your PayPal details) - thanks again!
  9. Some people have more money than sense I could live with using the stick to shift if it came to it.. Tony, that's very kind, thank you - if someone could confirm the fitment I'll gladly pay the postage & some beers for yourself
  10. Wow, £100? Really? You can almost get yourself an almost tidy Rekord for that..
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