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  1. from memory you need to change the manta engine bay loom am sure it unplugs and swap it with the c20xe engine bay loom and then theres a few wires to reconnect sorry my memory not working 100% plus i then changed to R1 CARBS as the injection system sensors are a pain in the backside
  2. garymanc

    Manta Hatch

    he was going to put a LS engine into it but hes busy with other things now added a picture of my old girl
  3. garymanc

    Manta Hatch

    yes i bought out of a car that already had it set up in but the cable snapped , i think the 90 degree part came off my old lawnmower i used something like this for a cable https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Universal-Motorcycle-scooter-Cable-Kit-set-Clutch-Brake-Throttle-cable/143088221814?hash=item2150b8fe76&enc=AQADAAADAFjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw7FZcmMuqsX8uaFEduVsXUD4rgiB9oEKf828CPZWk6zTLwt15kXR8AEhRtjg6ZYdfJDRk9uMAJS6axoWFwSrMEOB9lGauPliG3NAw19E0VlwD3HCbPnseMvIROS2JNlcqKlkEtXqsTDdMa5VNYGxbnkBs1oBmr6M2HF%2F%2BlMv%2FTQ0DoeGK7ug4o6YshO%2Bvv1K3Hvm27aBL%2BKH2akh1IXo1Yfyuo7IPM%2By9zCT7wSbzjSLwdkeD36mHULf7r0GZN9I1G4tCioNErblZxIogowfRiFk7h%2F6MDMPAy8GqCa4ks%2BuDngs16iUc3hELeAU0nn9OO8aDiBQrmjfF9UyKqGh6fn3wVOJRATw9U0v%2FNUolhOxfZpHPWuylsoD1ZiowdKjHMdPzImi2xrs4r3z2zwlanjyqv7WxZsolMzmFvSgORM0txL4IMauuF3pkxjq4Wvwft%2Bu3CZimT1oIY3CVZHuSGL0kzBw6LfVnk00DTX7l5KkDvkRFjPwVbYZ4a%2FlpRqYDcpfqD0jrN8UdA4GEtv7dFQ0pBIAncz5U%2B5v%2FVN1K%2BWM1Ir7YxC%2Bcb3kZb7us5BIeVhfsq%2Fb49FM5E4Kc2xQUkg8fTz9y4OMPC%2BXv0J7C%2F9PXJfgBw73HAhNvQVD3b71wiTlfhmixh2lYj9TSmawFsT3c08WiUPT%2BB3B9C9l8%2B6y6B5BFQhx3aDnTwpCTIWKb3AET8gX%2B%2BL5SValjZF3g99PWqqUXYb3UrihHsFuoEdP%2Fwck9x4LZXI1i6shd1P%2BtJCpIaZgQLbmlxKss2IKFjHytbJqlI1TAOMNS%2BQPjAK3yCIMXBhDfyMwJJsm43zxyaiQ%2FRRgXMnTbJJH0N%2FeWdJCjeh93Yc%2FUVRJdJ43CWU8XKvHXDbBo%2BWez9QXIrzo4uXE5XWYWqtPz1XEzPvcW4mjdlsFXiILnvuQPs4Ku4JIr5%2FvNq3EuIkhDNavwQz9rbxzHjcp60rHkZ1LEfM4k3koEBI6QJVPgIjFBjSIw%3D%3D&checksum=1430882218149c89584b29454b31be9f4d478e68a5e5&frcectupt=true this is were my engine came out of
  4. garymanc

    Manta Hatch

    Engine bay adjustment the cable at the pedal is just fastened with a cable fastener but some slight slack in it was too dark to get a decent picture under the pedal
  5. garymanc

    Manta Hatch

    Can’t remember will take pictures ASAP
  6. Good to see you getting on with it seems along time since I picked up some bits from your workshop and it was lurking in the corner 😀
  7. garymanc

    Manta Hatch

    There's not much movement of the throttle cable with R1 carbs i got used to it now but maybe awkward till your used to it
  8. Did you bleed it with the heater on full if that's not it might be worth flushing the heater matrix also jack the car up high at the front whilst bleeding good bit of info in this post
  9. Had my redtop ECU under the pass side glovebox just had to reverse the wires in the black plastic loom cover over the injectiors no pictures as now changed to carbs
  10. My c20xe did that with the Earth, I think it started to earth from the clutch cable as it's stiff now had to drive home from market harbourer with a jump lead for a extra earth
  11. Spotted in London by a mate looks mint
  12. Just remembered I am sure I spotted your car in Chester might have been a few years ago , I was driving in the opposite direction but not in my manta
  13. Wow that's nice would reckon on 10k plus
  14. No as stated the tanks in the way , perhaps if you could take another lock off and take it to a old school locksmith
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