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  1. The new ones have been on my since 2011 iirc vast improvement on wind noise as well 🤣
  2. Looks like it price gone up and down like a bridesmaids nighty 🤔
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1983-Opel-Manta-1-8-GT-3-door-Hatchback/202802719213?hash=item2f37fbe9ed:g:Rd0AAOSwmtRdqeP1
  4. Less than a fortnight to go 21st September if anyone is interested please message me for more information thanks gary
  5. Just search 5 3/4 “ headlights on eBay should work out cheaper
  6. Hi Julian are you using the correct profile as I only remember you as the omoc member as in my picture
  7. The ascona used to be Martin Warner’s old car
  8. Good thinking 😁
  9. Just remove a reverse light put a red bulb into it and wire you fog light to that 🤔
  10. I really want the body kit but can’t justify having a pair of Manta’s plus i would like to see it kept together as it’s a iconic car in my mind
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