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  1. Had my redtop ECU under the pass side glovebox just had to reverse the wires in the black plastic loom cover over the injectiors no pictures as now changed to carbs
  2. My c20xe did that with the Earth, I think it started to earth from the clutch cable as it's stiff now had to drive home from market harbourer with a jump lead for a extra earth
  3. Spotted in London by a mate looks mint
  4. Just remembered I am sure I spotted your car in Chester might have been a few years ago , I was driving in the opposite direction but not in my manta
  5. Wow that's nice would reckon on 10k plus
  6. No as stated the tanks in the way , perhaps if you could take another lock off and take it to a old school locksmith
  7. think the key number is stamped on the boot lock
  8. Just spotted a white manta coupe on the back of a truck heading away from Chester on the M56
  9. Have you checked for a airlock if it hasn't overheated Is there any oil in the water or the other way about when my xe head gasket went it was very noisy and rough running as it blew inbetween cylinders
  10. Clean all the lights earths up
  11. Have a look on Germany eBay can't remember the German for valence though
  12. garymanc


    Similar stuff on this site.
  13. made that money cause its a 1.8 even if its knackered should make money by breaking it
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