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  1. I really want the body kit but can’t justify having a pair of Manta’s plus i would like to see it kept together as it’s a iconic car in my mind
  2. Hi welcome to the forum looking forward to seeing your progress
  3. That’s a great car the shell is vgc i bought the engine and box etc about 4 years ago
  4. Hopefully the panel place won’t want confirmed orders for the panels before they make them as I guess they will cost a lot to make be handy to get some if a accident happened dont think I would have the money to buy a pair for just in case as am sure many other people aren’t either
  5. The club already purchased a pair iirc cant see there being much demand for them though
  6. I’ve already got one complete panel for the club to use but I would prefer to sort this as well 😁
  7. New Gm sunroof seal fitted the front bits easy to fit the rear is a bit more difficult as it’s glued to the sunroof well worth the effort though thanks to Nick aka cal col for supplying it
  8. hopefully its in the pipeline for several panels to be remade
  9. In negotiations for him to sell to ex pressed panels or going to buy it for the clubs panel remake project
  10. Message me your address and will post one FOC
  11. worth putting a dehumidifier inside seems to have helped on mine like this
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