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  1. Have never changed picci size ever and always uploaded here no problem, what I seam to have missing on posting tool bar is the click on item / download from your own album on lap top. Used to just click on that and my own menu list would open up then clicked on documents or pictures to find the ones I required to up load here, click on pictures , then open, and all would open up here no problem.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1378613455522255&set=pcb.1378613492188918&type=3&theater As we are now. 2.4 engine got. Yup quota well used up, nae much use that if doing a project you tak hunders owe piccis as you gang along.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1378613455522255&set=pcb.1378613492188918&type=3&theater As we are now. 2.4 engine got.
  4. What has happened to the add picture box in above tool bar?????? this worked well taking me direct to my picture folders on my own computer for downloading pics to here????
  5. Underside now with 4 coats smooth hamerite .
  6. A tad mare, helps now the light nights and even better when thi suns oot.
  7. Hi Kev, one thing will be looking for is grp doors. cheers rab. Mare pics as we gang along.
  8. I well Ian it might be tragic then ma pockets arni very deep migjt even end up wi wan big feck aff rubber band roond back axle ;-) :-D
  9. Nither wee bit done oot the road. Nixt git front gubins removed und rear axle, for awe going ower.
  10. Yup, on last motor/ manta done wi small spacers to mounting bolts. Ply at moment just to see whats in mi heed, will be a tad different when / if done this way as roll cage to consider and will have a bracer fitted at dash top height so face will be metal panel and behind bar will get to that at the time. As in picci.
  11. Yup, redrilled four stud. Moving along, underside noo. then once I don,t need moving again front und rear running gear dropped aff fur spring clean.
  12. A bit more thi day , floor still tae git further coats und mi tad black pics wull follow.
  13. As below Brady hope yae like. 285,s vented X Vecci und calipers.
  14. A tad mare shiny stuff. Owe aye when am here Merry Christmas!! Yup got awe new beak!! Lead load hopefully tae tidy aff.
  15. Brian, am just awe mere amateur tae Kev und many within the O.M.O.C hope to get done for Billing if awe goes to plan, will prob miss oot on a summer hol to going away as money could get better spent on this, engine und box for starters. Oniway Merry Christmas tae yae. Think yon new shiny tin owe paint wull cover mi.
  16. Will add more pics as wi gang along as wi stand now after approx. 36hrs on motor.
  17. Jet wash tad Auto Glym`s finest will shine again.
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