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  1. Hello Manta enthusiastic, again some promotion for my auction. An original steering wheel which was used in an Opel Manta i200 - i240 - i400 or even in the Ascona 400. Maybe the missing detail for your car. Regards Alexander
  2. Hello, maybe this ist something for one of you. Regards Alexander
  3. Hello, maybe this is interesting for some of you. ebay germany Regards Alexander
  4. Last week I mounted some extra headlights. Alexander
  5. Update -> I needed a new daily ride. Alexander
  6. The latest informations. Yes, I was very upset with the result of my new, original rear spoiler. My original plan was to drive that car in May or latest in June, but the spoiler looked very bad, a few days after mounting. So my plan was to get an GFK-Spoiler. First I ordered on in the UK, but they never delivered. Then, with help of this forum, I got one, but it was not that form I expectet. In the end, there was the only way, to built one on my own. Luckily a colleague of mine is building RC-flight-models and he could help me with hints and getting the right material. I wantet my spoiler like the original, and so I started, not knowing what will wait for me. Step one, was to built the moulds. Then, in step two, making the parts. And here is the result Painted What is shown here, took me a few month and definitly will cost me a few years of my life, but for my Manta I would do everything. Maybe next year I will drive it Regards Alexander
  7. The end is near. But unfortunately there is one thing I´m absolutely not happy about. It´s the rear spoiler. That original rubber part won´t fit at all. I hope I will have a solution soon. Alexander
  8. I collected them over the years. One her one there, one in ebay, the next one in a opel forum and so on and on. All you need is patience. Alexander No Fear
  9. Somebody asked me, where I got the exhaust system from. Accidentally I cleared that e-mail, so I will answer here. I started very soon, after I bought the car, collecting parts for the restoration. The new pipe system was offered in ebay. I think I paid it in D-Mark, a long time ago. I glow in happiness. Alexander No Fear
  10. After several weeks of waiting for the new windshield (14 weeks from UK), the projekt continues. Last week we did the striping. I was very afraid of it, but with professional help it worked out very good. Anytime during I waited for the windshield, I let the engine run again. It took me a little longer as the pictures show, but it would be to much to name all the mistakes I made by getting to this point[] Alexander No Fear
  11. I like the colour and the rims. Keep going. Alexander No Fear
  12. Yes, the colour will be the same. Signal Grün. Engine? I don´t know yet. Alexander No Fear
  13. This car owned a colleague of mine. I already tried a few years to get this car, but he won´t give it away. But now, after five years in the weather without windshield, and his mother hitted the car sometimes when she was parking, he sold it to me. Yesterday I parked it dry in a hovel, there will it stay for the next few month, because my i200 will be finished first. Alexander No Fear
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