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  1. Sorry dont know where else to put this but been away from the manta scene for a few years can someone help value my 400 its fjz400 some will prob know the reg number for those who dont its a fully resto'ed 400 imported by myself in 2003 and completly restored with all new panels and kit with no expence spared. The car is as good now as ever and would still be able to compete in any concours.. For those who dont know its won at Billing a few times and also was 2nd at the southern classics event losing to an e-type with only 70 miles on it and has also won at the national old skool fords concours. The car comes with a spare package of roof panel,both rear 1/4,nosecone,bonnet,innerwing left and right,a posts,both doors,bootlid,rear panel all above are new gm items along with that new interior front and rear seats and also around 20meters of blitz cloth again originals not repo stuff,, new billet cams,pistons,rods,rings,gaskets and loads of other engine bits and new loom and ecu,inj relays and loads of other bit also new 10'' rear wheels front 8'' and tyres to suit all new yokohamas avs semi comp inters and prob loads of other bits ive forgotten but you get the idea if its not avalible then Ive got it.. I want the car to go complete with spares so can anyone help value this lot as an idea the car was valued in 2005 at £45k for insurance. Cheers for any help
  2. fjz400

    400 Kit

    come ondano aint you done this yet Ive not been on here for a year and your still getting it done.......or not.. As per pic this is how to do it but with the 400 wings you will need to trim the edges very slightly
  3. Ive got the 315 superlites on mine had them on for well over 10 years now I run them alongside a willwood biasbox and they stop to well Ive got enduro mintex pads the system works very well but they do need to be warm. I got mine from rallydesign also and had issues witht eh mount brackets I was told it was becouse it was a new kit I also re-made my mounts and like yourself got a refund I also re-made the bells as at speed had issues with the alloy one that was supplied this I also made a new one of. One last thing you may want to invest in a dial gauge and magnetic base to set them up true and elminate any wobble also get the stronger pad retainers to stop any pad slap. Sean
  4. Hi Iain Good to see you back I dont really spend much time on here now due to being flat out with work and the Kids lol. But still have a couple of mantas hanging around..Im sure Roy wont mind you having the bumpers lol. If theres any bit you need just drop me a line I may have it somewhere.. Roy i havnt forgotton the lights honest.
  5. Spotted Sat evening around 6pm passing through Burgess Hill. Think the passenger may have spotted my Opel T shirt !!! Would be good to know if its a local car.
  6. Anyone know where to get the plastic adjusters and sleeves for the twin lights...Im way out of touch with the manta scene did think demon tweeks did them but cant find them. any help cheers
  7. cheers for the replys mantadoc let me know how much you want and I'll tell im.. Its not the gears that he needs the water pump has rotted through the cover its been sitting that long.
  8. A fellow manta nut is after the above for a 2L Inj CIH if anyone has a knackered engine that has a OK timing cover please please please can you let me know so I can help him get his car back together again. Many thanks
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