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  1. Is that a realistic price or am I a bit behind the times? If it is I can look at my car and add a couple of grand to that price, CHUFFED TO BITS!!!
  2. Julian

    New swan neck

    How often do you buy tables Herman, are you having it delivered?!!!!!! Congratulations mate.
  3. For God's Ian. Down like that.You have done a good job there, you took on what I would never attempted, and there are many more in this club who will agree with me, the percentages of experts in any profession is very low. So you can give yourself a bloody good slap on the back and say " Didn't I do well!!"
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273787149995?ul_noapp=true What is it really worth?
  5. I've got a full set of those rubber trims, don't know if there are any clips with them, I'll have a look later on, if there is any you might need Paul, let me know, will only cost you postage.
  6. I don't know what part you mean by "up the door Snowy" can you explain please?
  7. Mine is August 1977. I like that number plate, I wouldn't change it.
  8. Hello Ian. I was informed somewhere back on this forum, that that air induction pipe you have fitted was not fitted to my car, which is the same model that you have, so I'm wondering now was it or wasn't it!!!!
  9. Do you really expect us to believe that that is the same car that you have been working on for all these months!!!! first glance I had and I thought that you had nipped down and taken a couple of photos of my Cav;!!!! You must be really proud of what you have achieved Ian, and YES you should take it to the VBOA. By the way, what will be the point of visiting this forum after you have completed your input? it will never be the same!!!
  10. Herman, You come up with things with that I have not even noticed!! You must have been involved in the designing of these great cars!!!
  11. Oh! I can see what you have there now Ian, It's a Polar White Cavalier!!!! Well done mate. you should be mentioned in the New Years Honour's List
  12. I was looking at Mike's photos just now, and when I saw that beautiful shell all polar white and gleaming, for a second I thought that you had been very busy over the weekend!!!!!! But one day Ian you will have pics like that to show us.
  13. This should be another interesting project to watch the progress on Derik. How old is the car? where in S A are you? I have some MANTA badges but they are off "B"
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