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  1. I tried changing a headlining without removing the fore & aft screens, many years ago Ian, but wasted to much time trying, I tucked the cloth under the rubber but could not get enough tension on the cloth without pulling it out. I'm not saying that YOU are unable to do it, because after following all what you have achieved it wouldn't surprise me one little bit if you achieve it All the best to you mate, have a Good Un.
  2. Cheers Jess, I had come to that conclusion!
  3. I have an excellent coupling on a knackard steering rack, but I can not see how to remove the coupling from the shaft.It looks as though the coupling is part and parcel of the shaft.
  4. I did type a reply to this and submitted it. but it hasn't come up!!!
  5. Many thanks for the comments men, it's my fault I suppose, I should have contacted the company by phone, or email. So I think it will be in order to leave it as it is, and carry on with the LOCK DOWN!!! Take care out there everyone, and Happy Motoring.
  6. How dare you suggest that I am not physically fit to drive, you don't know me, you have never seen me, that is like me telling you that you are not fit to drive, Don't you forget Dan, you will grow older like everyone else, so take a tip off me. You respect your elders. Have a nice day.
  7. You still have not answered my question. I'll ask again. Why have I been charged an extra £20 to renew my policy???
  8. I never mentioned any mid term adjustment, that was Chris who wanted that, You re replying to me regarding Chri's query, could be that the £20 you added to my bill was really meant for someone else!!!!
  9. Hi Dan. Aviva Number:- G10542TUCC6560.
  10. At least you had a reply Chris!!!!!
  11. I've been driving since 1951, vans, coaches cars, class 1 and just about everything on wheels, and have never ever had to make a claim , was charged once for speeding!! But now only do less that 4,000 miles a yea,r I use the motorway twice a year. holiday time. My car has only done 80,000 miles since 1977, a beautiful Polar white Cavvy!!! but on my new renewal Adrian Flux add £20 to my renewal, What happened to No Claims Bonus, or something to say Thanks?
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/vehicle-roll-over-jig-auto-vip-1700-by-cjautos-model-ct03/184156899418?hash=item2ae09b485a:g:ilMAAOSwKCheNrna
  13. BRILLIANT John. I.m thinking who would want to go anywhere sightseeing when everything of real interest is in your workshop, I just can't wait to see what replies you will get from the lads when they see this lot!! Let's have some more pictures mate.
  14. I am sure all our thoughts will be with you and your family Ian.
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