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  1. Oh! I can see what you have there now Ian, It's a Polar White Cavalier!!!! Well done mate. you should be mentioned in the New Years Honour's List
  2. I was looking at Mike's photos just now, and when I saw that beautiful shell all polar white and gleaming, for a second I thought that you had been very busy over the weekend!!!!!! But one day Ian you will have pics like that to show us.
  3. This should be another interesting project to watch the progress on Derik. How old is the car? where in S A are you? I have some MANTA badges but they are off "B"
  4. Interesting. Can you list what parts you have for sale, including prices required. Please .
  5. Julian

    ball & spring

    Many thanks for taking an interest , hopefully The problem may be on it's way to being fixed!!
  6. Julian

    ball & spring

    Many thanks for that Mick, just sent an order for 14mm, ball
  7. Julian

    ball & spring

    I thought that I had a couple that looked near the size, but on measuring they are to big, I have measured the one that came out of the engine, and it is 0.l550ins or 13.98mm. so I am keeping my fingers, and everything else, crossed!!! that you can come up with something. Best regards. Julian.
  8. Julian

    ball & spring

    Looks like I can forget finding a new ball, so is there by any chance a good used one out there somewhere, I think I can manage with the spring even if I have to place a washer in behind it. been a week off the road now, first time in 41 years!!! and not for what I would call a major fault!.
  9. I hope you have more success in finding one of those than I am in finding the oil pressure relief valve that I need Ian!! My son asked me this morning "what fun is there owning a car that you are unable to find parts for, you should join a club!!!!"
  10. Julian

    ball & spring

    Aye Aye Sir. That sure is.
  11. Julian

    ball & spring

    Many thanks Andy. I have sent him an email, Got to try all avenues!! Julian. I did buy a front timing case with an oil pump fro Snowy, but the ball and spring in it was knackered, he wasn't to know that as he hadn't stripped it, but fair play to him he gave me a full refund. That's what this club is all about, well worth and needed being a member.
  12. Julian

    ball & spring

    Not on mine Paul, it is screwed into the pump body just above the oil filter. I do have a pump cover with the valve in somewhere, can't find it though!! could I fit that if I find it, and just blank off the other one?
  13. Julian

    ball & spring

    Failing to contact them Rob
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