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  1. Looks like my memory of fifty odd years ago isn't so good!!!! it must have been 33 inch pounds then not foot pounds on the Transit vans. Have a good day mate.
  2. Ian, re the brake band torque, I remember when I was a mechanic with SUNBLEST, we had about a dozen new transit vans, supplied, and they where automatic, myself and one of the other mechanics had to go for a two day course with Borge Warner who had a factory in Port Talbot, as they were the Borge Warner 35 boxes, very similar to the General Motor box that we have, what I am coming to is the torque in question was 33 ft lbs,so is there a misprint in our Haynes manual?, Like a little dot in between he two threes? I'm going to try and get some info on it tomorrow.
  3. In a way I am sorry you have solved this brake problem, I was really enjoying it all!! I'll have to look for something else to follow now!!! But as was said it would be great if you knew exactly what has caused you all those sleepless nights. Good luck with the MOT test.
  4. Sent you a PM Ian.

  5. That's brilliant Ian, because it now confirms what I have been wondering for some time, and that is the spare new GM cable that I have been hoarding for many years is a genuine part for my car, which as you know is an automatic, maybe I will never need to use it, but it's there if needs be!! Those photos will also help other auto owners. Cheers Mate.
  6. Ian. When you do get a cable that is correct for an automatic box, will you put up details? for eg, length and clear photos of both ends, for me? Please. Cheers.
  7. Hi Ian. Those rain channels, as you call them are what Vauxhall called FLUTES, I don't know when Vauxhall introduced them to their bonnets, but I bought a 1936 Vauxhall 25HP in 1954, and they were on that car, I have a photo of it, but in those days they were chromed, Just a bit of useless info!!!!. Keep up the good work.
  8. Yes the cav does have a rev counter. As for throwing stuff away, we have all done that!!!! I hope you are sorted by now.
  9. This happened on my Cavvy, and it was the voltage stabiliser, I had a bit of a job finding one.
  10. I'll have to have your address if you want it Andy. The part number by the way is. OPEL "8930033" also number 17 underneath that number. I've no idea of the history of these bits, I had a box full of stuff about ten years ago from a MANTA enthusiast who was a blacksmith in Neath. The measurment that you wanted on this item is 20.008.
  11. I have got another pair that are exactly the same size only they are slightly worn, not to bad really, if you PM me your address I will send it to you.
  12. I have an timing case that has a pair of these in, and they look to be in very good, not well worn condition, if they are of any use to any member, will only cost the postage.
  13. I've picked the one that I want. It's "O AAZ 823" I can picture myself driving that int the car park in Carmarthen!!!! What a head turner that would be!!
  14. Very nice Herman, no two cars look alike, not like today's cars, they all look the same, to be honest I don't know one from the other. I remember years ago, I won't say how many years!!! you could tell what car was coming towards you when it was a couple of miles away, the Wolsey for example had it's badge on the front of the rad, that lit up in the dark, that alone told you what car it was without seeing the body of the car..
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