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  1. I bought a pair of them from " PAST PARTS" a couple oy years ago, don't remember what they cost, but they were not expensive. PAST PARTS.01284750729. The guy I spoke to was called Nigel.
  2. The car in question is not 2nd vehicle, but you are right in saying classic cars, well mine for example, only done 51 miles in the last eleven months, but there again it has only done 80,000 from new 1977.
  3. noticed on my insurance renewal with "ADRIAN FLUX" TODAY, that in the box " NO CLAIMS BONUS" it says ZERO, now having been driving since 1951, and always been insured, and NEVER ever made a claim, that didn't look fair!! so I phoned them, as I wasn't pleased with that, and was told that as I was driving a classic car they do not add " no claims bonus" on the documentation, but on checking back they say that I do have a maximum. OK, BUT I contacted another broker, what would my chances be to have a No claims bonus when my present insurer have it in print that it is NIL? May be I'm making a mountain out of a molehill!!! Does it make sense to any of you youngsters?
  4. That car takes me back a long way!! one of the first cars I ever owned. Don't have any trouble spotting that one in a car park!!
  5. God help father Christmas with one of those on his sack!!
  6. If I was religious I would pray for you!!! But there again Ian Mac done it, as did many others.
  7. Good to hear from you Rab, Hope you are looking as good as the Manta!!. All being well I will be driving up to your part of the world next year, I'll be going to Tranent, but will come to see, not you!!! but your train layout. Cheers the now.
  8. I am wondering if you have received these parts, or not.
  9. Message me your address Mike, and I will post them to you, I'm still a bit unsure of anyone comming to the house at the moment with this virus thing, but we will meet up later on I.m sure. Don't even mention postage or anything about money, just have them.
  10. I thought that I was going to be of some help to you Mike, but on closer checking it was two for the front windscreeen I had, and they are not the same angles as the rears, you are welcome to them if you want them though.
  11. Julian

    signing in

    I am unable to sign in, keep getting informed that I am using the wrong USER NAME, how can that be when I have been using that name for signing in for the last ten years or so
  12. This is what I am doing, I took note of what Ian advised me, and will end up only using about a third or even less, of the new panel.
  13. I also wish you GOOD LUCK Mike. I have a Grandson who started his own business as plumber three years ago, tough going to start with, mostly wit having to chase people for his money, but has got it under control now.
  14. I watched that vid and for a split second I thought " there's no driver in that car" Then realised it is an LHD!!! Is that what they call DEMENTIA?
  15. Found Some. East Kent Trim Supplies. required length to do one screen £9 something, not sure what the pence was! It will be in the post today. so I will do both screens while I'm at it!.
  16. No need for "sorry" Ian I only said it to be taken in a funny sort of way!!! No I think it's worth cutting it out as it is really bad, and I can't handle a welding torch like you do, never was a good welder of thin body metal, heavy stuff? Yes, chassis and stuff on big wagons. Hwyl Fawr.
  17. Alright, Alright There is no need to rub it in Ian, I;m only doing this to prove to you youngsters that even at 86 years of age WE ARE NOT OVER THE HILL!!!!! one of my sons ( he's one of twins) who is a mechanic and MOT inspector, told me a few months nago that if I went back in the trade today, I'd be only good enough to drive a car into or out of a garage, cheeky b*****!! He is wrong though, because I wouldn't be able to do that, I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO START ONE OF THESE MODERN THING!!
  18. Sorted. With the help of Jess.
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