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  1. I'll look next time I'm out there. The loom on the engine is as you say, connected by a big rounf plug, But that goes to another loom which is the one in the photo. Part of this goes to the ECU, and elsewhere (fuze box etc)
  2. Hi. I don't post on here too often, but be assured, I'm a true Manta fan, having had mine for well over 20 years. Anuway, I'm going to be fitting a V6 out of my old Calibra into it, but have struck a small problem. Whilst unravelling the huge mess that is the wiring, I have got most of it free, but there is one part of the loom that disappears into the centre of the bulkhead and then fans out to every which way inside the car...mostly tho to the fuze box. There is no connector handy here, on either side, so it has to all come out, somehow. Has anyone faced this same problem, if so, how did you get around it? Is all this wiring even neccessary? I've already dumped a load of superfluous under-bonnet wiring... This is what I'm looking at...It's the loom in the middle of the pic, you can see the exposed wires at the bottom
  3. Looks like a normal bootlid to me. Ridiculously expensive tho! (might have to put my spare one on E-bay, lol)
  4. Ah...even better. I only saw one run and I thought that was 15 dead. Looks like I have a benchmark to beat now...well done!
  5. I had a really good time at Santa Pod this weekend, despite the weather closing in on Sunday It was really good to meet you Ian, and your mate, who's name unfortunately I didn't catch. Any chance you could PM me about those parts you were on about, and maybe let me have a contact (and name) for your mate, as we were talking about engines. Loved your car by the way, and congrats on a 15 sec qtr mile! Cheers
  6. I remember seeing a 4wd one at a motorsport show in the late 90's....so it can't have been the only one. And I wouldn't pay £55K for a "unique" car thats had the uniqueness removed.....
  7. I think it's more like 30mm. Stiffer springs and Bilstein gas shocks.
  8. It's just another dealer thinking they can make a profit out of a half decent classic
  9. I went to see it the other week (see my thread). It's ok. Apparently got a good engine and drives well, but the bodywork has scratches on the roof (fairly bad imo) and the sunroof is showing those first telltale signs of rust. The paint looked a bit "patchy" in places, but that may have been the light in the showroom. I said to the nice lady trying to convince me, that they were asking top book price for a car that certainly wasn't top condition! I'd agree, half the price and I'd think about it!
  10. Typical!! Not sure if I can make this one. Got a very busy week.....I'll try tho, even if it's just for one drink! You need a daughter like mine who prefers old cars
  11. Erm....yes....was thinking pretty much the same thing!
  12. Well, technically there were 3...the A, the B and the C. The Mk 3 Capri was only a prettied up Mk2 remember Have you seen Mk1 XR3 wheels? Fugly! I'll get my coat...... .......and try to be there!
  13. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1983-OPEL-MANTA-GTE-SILVER-/320605193282?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item4aa58f0442 Suppose it'd make a rat looker with very little effort, lol Interior seems very clean tho!
  14. Just to add to this, I got mine (twice) from my local Allwood's motor factors. They usually have them in stock. And pretty much anything else I've needed for it....
  15. Sorry, misunderstanding. I meant the yellow thing in the background......
  16. What is that yellow thing??? Nice project by the way. Wish I could get on with mine.....
  17. Seconded. Can't really get to the other one.
  18. I'm having exactly the same problem.....given up for the time being!!
  19. Went and had a look at it on Friday. It's nice, but not £3K nice! Issues with the bodywork, scratches etc and a little rust popping thru behind the sunroof put me off. Other than that it looks lovely. Would have given £1500 to £2K maybe....
  20. Yup, that's the one. Only a few miles up the road. The reason I'm looking at this is that to get it I'd have to part ex my Civic, so the gold one would be no good for me. (don't like gold anyway) I was thinking more along the lines of £2000 too, as it would give me a better chance of being able to afford it outright. I'm thinking of going up on Friday to look at it. Having had my coupe in bits for several years I know every nook and cranny to look at, so close inspection with a capital C! lol At least you've confirmed what I thought, that it had been in their possesion for quite a while, which gives me a better bargaining stance. I think the fact that my windscreen cracked last night was the final straw and I really want a Manta again.....
  21. Thanks for the replies. One more question. D-reg GT/E hatch. 51,000 miles. Appears (from the photos) in pretty good condition. Up for £2995. Does that sound a fair price?
  22. Well, as the title says, I'm tempted to buy myself a GT/E hatch I've seen for sale not far from me. But it's been a while since I owned a working Manta, and even longer since I had a GT/E. Iirc, I was getting an avg of 30mpg from my old one. Is that about right? If I get it, it will be my daily driver, so I need to know roughly what sort of fuel economy I can expect. My journey includes both town/traffic and out of town driving. Also, and I know it's been covered many times, but I have to ask, did the D-reg GT/Es have unleaded heads? Thankyou
  23. the 8 valve wouldn't have enough power to pull those two, lol. You'd need a V6!!
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