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  1. Hi was converting my plastic bumper Sr Berlinetta to chrome bumpers when realised I was missing the number plate bracket. Also does anyone have the 2 bolts front and back which secure the ends of the bumper ro the wings?, the ones I removed are self tapping for the plastic ones so I need the normal ones- obviously cavalier ones will fit here also I think. while I'm on, has anybody done a similar conversion, if so how/where did you locate your front indicators? Did you weld brackets on or is there any clamps that I can use to suspend from bumpers?- I don't like drilling bodywork!!!! I'm contemplating fabricating some and mounting from light wiper bracket mountings. Any suggestions appreciated:) Anyone know of any small clamps that may suffice?. cheers alan
  2. Hi folks i am still in need of a full stainless system if anybody has one lying around!!!?? If anyone is considering breaking a car in the near future which has one please let me know!! thanks Alan A
  3. Hi all as title really, has anyone got a stainless exhaust (full system) for a 1981 2.0s SR Berlinetta COUPE please. Standard size or near as damn it please, not something I can get my fist in!!! thanks Alan A
  4. Hi again further to my last post does anybody have a good condition black carpet for a coupe and also a set of headlight wipers please, cheers
  5. Hi all just wondering if anybody has a lower dash in black, complete with ashtray and fusecover, also a black pair of GOOD CONDITION front door cards ( ones with the 'wood' on and hopefully with good chrome bezels. Also the handle inserts for these early panels ( I've put on my newer inserts and they're too small so pre 81 had longer ones. Finally a brake pressure equalising valve would be handy, cheers Alan A ps if anyone has a gold/yellow royale interior or knows of a whole car with complete interior, please let me know!!!
  6. Hi all does anybody have an ashtray (front, dashboard, below radio, not the rear side ones) in black preferably but any colour will do - I guess I can respray (??). Also the 4 little round bits of plastic with small holes in that cover the screws in the centre console- again in black preferably and again any colour will do guessing I can spray paint them. cheers
  7. hi mate sorry but working strange hours, only just seen email. Did you have this fitted to a standard braked manta? If its not on ebay and fits standard manta (and its not too late!!) I'll have it cheers
  8. let me double check to make sure fits, watch this space!!!
  9. sorry for delay only just seen the reply, thanks for the pics - it does look custom however if it was fitted to a coupe and worked fine then should be fine - what are you wanting for it?
  10. Well it looks something like that but that looks like a specially made one??
  11. its the one that stands up rather than horizontal
  12. Anybody got one preferably later type? thanks
  13. Hi Alister I own VWU 390X Its garaged and awaiting my relocation to enjoy it. bought it 3.5 yrs ago not been on road since. It is in good nick however even at time of buying n/s chassis rail bulging/cracking so will have to get sorted. Can you tell me if you waxoiled/dinitrol'ed the internal chassis box sections and panels when you rebuilt it? Any info would be appreciated (I have your receipt file) cheers Alan
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