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  1. Hmm old post and Jersey is yoke miles away, but do you have any picture's and price in mind? I have sensible cash waiting for the right hatch.
  2. Anyone ever watched America Choppers on Bravo/Sky? I remember an episode where they got custom alloys made for a chopper bike, think the cost was 1000 dollars or something! I've only mentioned this because, of the cost of buying second-hand 400 wheels. Only a random thought
  3. I'm pretty sure you only come on here for an argument.
  4. Thomas? a wee bit of advice for you! less reading/watching internet nonsense and more polishing
  5. Probably not much help now! Normally at classic car shows, there's always a re-trimmers (auto-jumble) selling stuff like that. i wouldn't fancy trying it myself tho
  6. I feel for you! It's happened a 'few times' to myself also. I reckon re-trimming the driver seat and a good 'bloody' clean: it's a: contours contender
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