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  1. Hmm old post and Jersey is yoke miles away, but do you have any picture's and price in mind? I have sensible cash waiting for the right hatch.
  2. Anyone ever watched America Choppers on Bravo/Sky? I remember an episode where they got custom alloys made for a chopper bike, think the cost was 1000 dollars or something! I've only mentioned this because, of the cost of buying second-hand 400 wheels. Only a random thought
  3. I'm pretty sure you only come on here for an argument.
  4. Thomas? a wee bit of advice for you! less reading/watching internet nonsense and more polishing
  5. Probably not much help now! Normally at classic car shows, there's always a re-trimmers (auto-jumble) selling stuff like that. i wouldn't fancy trying it myself tho
  6. I feel for you! It's happened a 'few times' to myself also. I reckon re-trimming the driver seat and a good 'bloody' clean: it's a: contours contender
  7. Was that the same car, you were thinking about buying/viewing some months ago? or I'm I confusing you, with someone else? Looks like a good motor! would benefit from a good clean under the bonnet tho.
  8. I did arrange with the seller (on Monday) to view the car today! but he's sold it on well 'hey'ho'. Would have been to much hassle (and cash) trying to source all the parts, anyhow.
  9. Interesting! suppose it can be converted to 2L.
  10. I remember hearing about this person(s) (at the time)! can't say it was something that would fill me with confidence, in parting with my cash. As for the negative feedback 'ffs' obviously someone with little or no morals.
  11. I like it I reckon the paint work would double as a shaving mirror It's looking grand
  12. I remember someone paying £40 odd quid for door pins
  13. Beating to it lepo5 is your best bet
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