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  1. Your wheels must be a fairly high positive offset are they?
  2. Ah cool, no just the narrow body I’m afraid, sure you could get some pretty extreme offset wheels under the 400 arches though👌🏻
  3. Don’t know if I’d chance 8.5’s unless you’re willing to roll the arches, pity to get a set for them not to fit. I’d probably try 8’s et20 max with a 195 tyre to be safe.
  4. See my back arches are rolled and I cut the lips on the front wings clean off so wouldn’t like to say for a car with standard arches tbh. Also depends if your car is lowered, you will then need an adjustable panhard rod. Mine before the air ride with 60mm springs I could get 16x9 et15 on the back with no scrubbing at all but like I say that’s with rolled arches.
  5. The air ride was a piece of piss to fit, just replace the springs with airbags. A few tweaks involved of course, had to cut away the front bumpstops and drill a few holes or mounting etc but generally no bother at all. The management was more of a pain tbh. It was a custom made kit from a company in Croatia, there are another 2 Mantas that I know of with the same kit so they will obviously make them to order. Wheels came through Auto Extreme, although these wheels have now been discontinued so these are a mismatched set with slight defects (paint imperfections) so couldn’t be sold from the factory. I like the look of a lot of the image wheels, they’re just bloody expensive! But any split rims are. If you want any info on sizes and offsets pm me and I’ll happily share all the info I know, I’ve had various sets on this car, before and after the air was fitted and have looked into offsets no end for years👍🏻
  6. Just fitted them this afternoon, put the tyres off the borbets which I thought would work fine but turns out the fronts are too fat and will rub the wings so I’ll have to order narrower ones☹️Wheels are 7twenty style 44’s, 16x9 et0 and 16x8 et0, not sure about the colour but we can easy sort that. I quite like the aggressive look!
  7. Caliper is a little closer to the shock but still plenty of clearance. I’m quite happy with the result anyway. Although if I was to keep these wheels on I think I’d run 10mm spacers on the back as the wheels now look a bit too far in. My new wheels should fill the arches out perfectly.
  8. I don’t have a photo but it’s in with my 1.8 LSD so it all fits. All mountings in exactly the same place, only difference is shorter tubes and halfshafts.
  9. That’s what I’m doing at the moment, in the middle of fitting an A series axle so I can get 16x9 et0 on the back. Will see how it goes.
  10. Awesome! You just don’t see graveyards like this any more. Last one MOT just ran out in November...
  11. Brilliant! 2 grand labour 482 hours....hourly rate will be crept up slightly since then😂 Great project tho, wonder what the story is with the Q plate then?
  12. Looking at the tyre through the boot isn’t a good sign!🤦🏼‍♂️
  13. As far as I know they’re pretty bombproof, when I got my ecu mapped they raised my rev limiter to 7300rpm😂and it quite frequently bounces off the limiter in 2nd and is still all holding up good. I read that the vanos can give bother, but I’ve not had any dealings with that side of it yet thankfully.....
  14. Great engine choice there Andy, I put an M52B28 in my E36 daily driver last year and love it. Not sure what mods you’ve done to your commodore engine but I did the M50 inlet manifold along with a mapped ecu and what a difference. I actually thought about the same engine for my Manta for a bit there too.
  15. Oh perfect, A series axle is exactly what I need then! I need a narrower axle so the 9 inch back wheels can still turn should I burst an airbag👍🏻
  16. Can anyone tell me the differences between the 2? I believe the A series axle is an inch narrower, can anyone confirm this? Also, what diff fits in the A series axle? Can a 2 litre or 1.8 B series diff fit in an A series casing?
  17. Would love pics of your yanks too Shaun😊
  18. Love this car, remember it on eBay last year. What size are your revolutions? 8’s?
  19. Doesn’t matter, as long as it produces adequate light it could be stuck in with chewing gum and it wouldn’t matter. The tester won’t be inspecting the bulb holders anyway as it’s not part of the test.
  20. I really like your adverts mate, wish everyone wrote them as well and honestly as you👌
  21. Different to how mine is wired but mine was originally a carb so no old loom to confuse things. Like evo3 said, get rid of the GTE engine loom and just use the XE wiring.
  22. On mine there is a thick red/blue wire in a 2 pin black plug on it's own right next to the ecu, I have that wire going straight to the fuel pump positive, I don't have the thin red/blue in the green plug connected to anything and it all works as it should. Do you have the thick red/blue in a black plug next to the ecu? Can you stick up a couple of pics?
  23. The blue/red wire on the green plug on the XE loom you’re speaking about is your live feed for the fuel pump. As my car was a carb originally, I just ran a wire from there direct to my fuel pump. My pump only comes on when the engine starts cranking and cuts out when it stalls (as it should) Sounds like your pump has either been wired from a direct ignition feed or your possibly someone bypassed the fuel pump relay causing the pump to run all the time with the ignition on? Has it always been like this or is this a new thing? edit - I think it’s blue/red, will check mine tomorrow to make sure.
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