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  1. Sorry! I don't know why but I'm sure my computer linked me to the bright orange one on eBay now, which is the one I was writing about! The link I see now takes me to your Red one.
  2. This car doesn't look as right as I first thought. It says S on the boot but the S in the Uk still had the chrome and plastic side strips, and wheel arch chrome trims the same as the Berlinetta. I don't think the S has the metal headlight surrounds or headlamp wipers. The seats and door cards are the Berlinetta type too as is the steering wheel. It looks like there is over spray on the rear jacking points. Its either a Berlinetta which has been de-trimmed and resprayed or an S which has been upgraded. There's also a bib spoiler in the orange on the rear parcel shelf and manta B's didn't have these. Be interesting to see how much paperwork there is to back the 34k up. All that said though it's still another great early car, where are they all coming from?
  3. Being an anorak, I belieive that all the first batch of Cavalier Coupe's were that colour. I have a December 75 one, the one on ebay which was December 75 was one, yours was and I have seen another. In about Feb 76 the other colours start to show up.
  4. What a shame you can't save it This is it's DVLA profile; The vehicle details for NGD 341P are: Date of Liability 01 07 1989 Date of First Registration 14 01 1976 Year of Manufacture 1976 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1897CC CO2 Emissions Not Available Fuel Type Petrol Export Marker Not Applicable Vehicle Status Unlicensed Vehicle Colour BEIGE It is a very early car. Can you let me have the last 6 digits of it's chassis number?
  5. As far as I'm aware it has to be a V6 flywheel but you can get them from Cavalier's, Vectra's and Calibra's. I think you can buy lightened ones from these places that advertise in the back of Total Vauxhall and the like. Take a look at this one, he might sell you the flywheel if you ask. ewItem" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Vauxhall-2-5-V6-E ... dZViewItem
  6. I've got he Vectra plenum as yes it is lower and the Vectra setup is designed for a more responsive acceleration where as the long elephants nose induction of the Omega is designed for more torque (so I'm told). I also have the Vectra GSi loom and ECU which is mapped for more power than the SRi.
  7. "Bump" ?????????????? have I missed something?
  8. Not sure my welding skills are up to something as important as the subframe! I wonder if there is any other options? Could you put a spacer block between the subframe and the chassis where they are bolted together to widen the relationship between the subframe and the body? Probably haven't thought that through properly but I'm sure you'll tell me why
  9. I noticed a 4 slot nose waiting to be fitted, can I have your old 2 slot one? I only want the middle bit.
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