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  1. and as far as i can remember its bh247 for early models without location slot and bh248 for 76 onwards . just checked now ,there are a few on .
  2. mine are 411 mm tip to tip so your 420 sounds near. i would again suggest ebay. always buy all my stuff from there. if the hoses are faulty the seller or ebay should sort you out anyway. and maybee buy from another seller. plenty of choice
  3. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  4. back in the day when you could buy vynil roof kits the vynil always came folded flat and had bad creases once opened.once fitted to car the creases dissapeared after a while as it settled.
  5. cavaliers and vivas were and are still good in the snow but then the viva tyres are only 155 wide and the cavaliers 185 so a better chance than later mantas on lower profile. when my dad worked for telecom he used a ha van all around the yorkshire dales and never got stuck once.possibly helped again by the thin tyres and all the gear in the back !
  6. yes it should just pull out. maybee someone has used some kind of sealer but as mentioned above it may be the drive gear on the output shaft ( easier if its the yellow cog driven mechanism thou) with gearbox in neutral if you spin the prop the end should rotate .not rotating obviously proving a problem with it rather than the cable
  7. think i have a few in the shed. didnt bother ebaying them as didnt think they would sell but might try one !
  8. its no detriment if the plastic inserts are sheared so long as you dont get any rattle.if so you could always try injecting some more from a glue gun ? ?
  9. hopefully it will be ok but if the shaft moved in itself as you described it sounds as thou the plastic inserts have been sheared.either through someone damaging them with force/ hammer or via an accident. all not an issue theoretically in itself but may cause a loss of motion or a rattle ?
  10. never had a problem with standard gm ones failing. not sure about aftermarket or hd ones. did you check the propshaft flange ?
  11. i would. fronts without badges and rears with badges. as original. to me all cars look better with mudflaps makes them look older.same as wing mounted pull up ariels. fantastic.
  12. in that case check the new rubber is still ok and that the bearing feels ok too. might be worth removing the prop and making sure it is located correctly in the flange recess. the outer two cups have a thin wire spot welded across to keep the cups from falling off.if this wire is missing the bearings could be sat on the part where the spot weld was causing it to run a little out of true. no big deal if it is missing but check the location im not sure if all props have this wire as standard but 4 speed cavs do so i would imagine later cars have it too.
  13. that could be a resonant vibration between the outer part of the lever and the inner part. on a 4 speed it can also come from the internal release for reverse engagement. i had a slight noise on mine and fixed it by getting some thick oil / grease on the lifting pin and as far inside as i could( oil worked better) and also adding some foam inside the rubber bellows too. it wont do any harm to check the actual gearchange bar and pins/ bushes and eliminating as much free movement as possible there. also make sure the lever pull spring is fitted ( 4 speed. )
  14. i would check the prop as it goes into the gearbox for EXCESSIVE lift.( there will always be some ) automatics tend to have a fair amount but manuals less so. also check the gearbox mounting whilst youre there but cant see if that would cause a vibration.( maybee if its gone soft ?) then check that the prop hasnt lost a balance weight. they are usually just a small square of metal welded on. there have been reports of some centre support rubber donuts going perished but expect a fair amount of lift in that area anyway but none in the actual bearing itself. i assumed here we are talking about a speed related vibration rather than a noise that vibrates the gearlever that can be made to stop if you hold it ?
  15. there was one on ebay recently ,not sure if its still on ? the ate one has the small flange whereas the later delco unit has a much bigger flange and obviously different servo. i may have a used one if you want a rebuild but il see if i can find that new one on ebay for you its still on ebay type in mbm709 and it should be there .hope that helps .
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