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  1. Stop slacking off its playing out weather at the moment ! Ha ha
  2. The vinyl fablon stuff is usually ok. I got some years ago in a rosewood colour to do a tv case in and it’s still on and stuck.
  3. Should be fine BUT make sure you follow the primer / filler instructions to the absolute letter. Some of the ‘custard’ coloured stuff I’ve used in the past has been realy fussy. slightly too thick and it cracks very badly when it’s dry. Sometimes not immediately,sometimes a day or two later . It must work or they wouldn’t make it but just be carefull !
  4. Yes it will earth through and damage anything it can without a proper earth lead on.namely clutch cable ,speedo cable ,choke cable if you have one and in extreme circumstances can also arc through the clutch release bearing.
  5. Check the linings arnt lifting, also make sure the springs are good especially the bottom one. also make sure the ‘pull lever’ isn’t jumping behind the edge of the shoe and jamming.thats rare but can happen if the linings are worn or the arm is bent wrong to start with. One final thing to try .although not on a public road is to clamp off the rear hose and drive the car to see if the problem is not the front brakes and vice versa for the front hoses. funny thing is .....I was just thinking last night about your problem !
  6. Dont worry Ian if you ever sell the car they will see exactly what has gone into it. Not that I think you will be selling it anyway ? . the good thing about your car is that you know exactly what has been done and what all the surfaces are like under the paint. Which is not true of 9 out of 10 of any restored car someone could buy..yes they may look smooth and shiny but you never know what's underneath.we have all read horror stories about what people have found under paint/ panels on cars they are repairing and a freshly restored car for sale could be no better.you just never 100% know. original cars are always better or untouched ones like yours was.you know exactly what you have got,no one has covered anything up. its a bit of the same argument for reconditioned engines,and other parts.
  7. So what have you found ?
  8. Some swear by their chosen glue type. Such as sikaflex,tiger,gorilla etc. i did mine by dilling and countersinking a flat headed bolt into it .with a couple of sides ground off ,to prevent rotation,held with jb weld. Filled over to hide. Or If you are carefull you also might be able to quickly weld/ cool a bolt onto whats left. Just make sure nuts are then well oiled up for the future .and dont overtighten.
  9. Hi herman, cheers for that yes no offence was intended !.. its funny when you look at google pictures of our cars. Later plastic bumper mantas cant realy have numberplate fitted in wrong place but early cars can.and it can make or break a good looking front end. ian.you are doing a fantastic job ,attention to detail is 100% and you have made me rethink some of my own repairs too . Good luck with the red velour search.pity the interior on facebook is manta orange but im sure someone somewhere will have a red seat cloth. Im pretty sure the material was also similar if not identical too in SOME other models .ie chevette gls,viva gls,vx2300 gls.. early cavs,mantas and asconas used a totally different style unfortunatey. If it were me i would personally put one of those black vynil seatcovers on the drivers seat untill some red cloth shows up. It will eventually. My cars have one of those covers on all the time to keep them clean .
  10. Hey ian that looks great. Hard to tell 100% about the cloth type but at that price who cares !. Good find.
  11. Hi ian. You are very lucky if the front valance is reuseable.they are usually rotted through.not that it realy matters I would just replace it anyway. They can still be found but admittedly getting rarer than they were in the 80’s.i think I have replaced mine on the green one twice and on my hatch 3 or 4 times due to rust chips . also and no offence intended to the member who posted about putting the number plate higher.this is personally one of my pet hates and to ME can make or break a good looking car . The number plate should be fitted onto the bracket positioned upwards with the plate level with its top edge.ive seen so many where the bracket has been fittedwrong way up ,the number plate has been fitted with screws in the middle of it rather than top edge ,and even worse ! The number plate screwed straight flat to the valance itself. See google pictures or brochures you will see what I mean. But as I say pleas no offence intended,each to their own.
  12. Yes to the above. Passenger seats have less chance of being torn and the cover is identical on the base and can be swapped over pretty easily.. for the backrest it will only swap covers if its from a 4 door saloon .otherwise you will have the tilt lever hole in the wrong place.!. last option is the cloth from a back seat and use it to repair your existing seat cloth.any trimmer should be able to do this relatively cheaply. The red velour type was found in a few models post 78 so Hopefully someone will have something in their loft ? Sorry ian i dont. Only spare black and beige.
  13. Try coming up to a stop and just pulling the handbrake to see if it’s the rear wheels. when mine did this it was the rear shoe bonded lining lifting due to rust creeping under it. Otherwise if you think it’s the front check for abnormally loose pads in caliper,loose caliper itself ,shims wrong way round or again loose friction lining ? cant realy see it being master cyl or servo but eliminate wheel end first.
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