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  1. yes its only a breather. just checked mine also for you. it sticks into the boot floor/ chassis section and sealed with a putty solution.only goes in an inch or so .nothing exiting below on mine.
  2. if youd asked a couple years back you could have had my brothers for free. nothing wrong with it apart from a little bubbling around arches but he needed it gone quickly for some room. no bids on ebay at the time.. however they do pop up on ebay from time to time in running order but prices have gone silly nowadays for older cars
  3. its gone into the chassis rail and does look bad to a non trained non manta person / classic owner but as we all know ( and have experienced) they can certainly corrode a hell of a lot more than that and only in the worst cases can they not be saved. it would be nice working on a manta with a non messed about with area of corrosion that can be tackled and viewed in its entirety. at the end of the day and depending on your own sequence of events it would be cut out everything rusty visible.floor back to sound steel,jacking point off,footwell same as required and then i would rapair chassis rail inner first. chassis rail outer jacking point replace floor section front footwell side footwell
  4. i found that with mine too when it was hazel brown. the brochure pics look superb and potray it as a dark brown but in brighter sunlight the metallic is more apparent but the colour looks more goldy .similar story with lots of colours realy especialy metallics. and again even more so on some of the modern super bright colours ,perlescent i beleive. either way great cars anyway especially pre82 years and well ahead of their time in the day and hold there own nowadays in virtually all scenarios
  5. also ,especially nowadays with modern fuel i wouldnt dismiss it just being a symptom of the hot weather. .mine is running standard varajet and has the occasional wobble when up to temp. so did the omega this week and never before but its been very hot (relatively speaking !) this week. obviously no harm in changing ( or cleaning,gapping) points if youre still using them and doing the other checks ian suggested anyway if just for elimination ,peice of mind. also while your at it maybee changing the fuel hoses for R9 rated for the ethanol issue.
  6. my vinyl roof was made from "off the roll" by a trimmer.he was going to make it a one piece affair but i insisted he put the 2 lengthways joints in it as original.also did the interior lining too. was a very good and straightforward job .i just dropped the car off one friday night and took the screens out for him and if i remember correctly it was ready 2 weeks later . sadly that trimmer has retired now but he did all that for £250 but it was back in late 90's
  7. nice to see a solid car with very little rust in the great scheme of things . reminds me of when i started to do the welding on mine back in the nineties but mine needed much more on the floors and inner wings. although its a shame hes let the repairs rust up badly .a fair bit there would need removing and starting again in my opinion. would be a nice car to get back to standard too ,doesnt look too far out mainly ref gearbox,tunnel,mount.
  8. love the car love the colour. i must admit thou id be peeded off at the bodyshop for removing any lead loading that your fabricator had applied.did they ask you first ,were they not happy with the shape or quality. aside from a traditional method leading is ( or should be ) totally waterproof and would stop any damp coming in from the back on any repairs. this is one of the main reasons why body repairs dont last as long as we hoped and as we know normal body filler is not waterproof . years ago on a wing top with a couple of pinholes i drilled them clean,countersunk and then soldered one hole and body fillered the other. guess what .? the soldered hole is still invisible 15 years on .the other didnt last 1 year. !
  9. im pretty sure a 1.6 wont bore out to 95mm .from memory the water jackets would be too close and the extension section of the bore that runs into the crankcase would get too thin . i could be wrong thou ?
  10. ok then. if your housing is good and the cover and releif valve is all good then you are losing some pressure when the pump is producing the least amount of pressure ( ie low revs)so this can point to a few areas. gasket fitted to cover when it shouldnt have one. worn gears. worn crankshaft shells. worn camshaft bearings. missing or blown out blanking plug in oil gallery in the rocker feed.this is an approximately 8mm dia plug on the very top of the head between a couple of the rocker arms. ive only known this to happen once but that proves it can and the result was very low idle pressure. wrong grade oil.20w/50 (thinner oils can obviously be used but will result in a lower idle pressure.) with regards to your new gears id say its easierto have the gear shaft machined down than having the bush bored out.? so if it were me id check the head first and then the gears.
  11. ah that makes sense. same idea as they do on the rears of some vauxhalls with vented vs solid discs. but then again ,even though the vented carlton calipers were single piston with the standard pad that fitted many different vauxhalls they had a different / better slider mechanism that didnt seize like the silly sliding tube design and they felt powerfull enough on carltons themselves.
  12. carlton 2.2 are stillonly single piston albeit larger .the ones on all my cavs are the early standard twin piston type. work great and no silly slides to seize up. i drive many a modern car too and never notice the cav brakes to be lacking in any way.
  13. glad youre enjoying it and that its going well. i remember seeing the pics of this when it was for sale and thought it is one of the best around. funny thing is ,back in the day when they were everywhere that colour was still a rarity and its a pity cos it looks so good in it. mine is done in cedar green which was a viva colour and looks good .always been a big far of green . pity they never made a green velour interior in them as the one in senators looks great .
  14. yeah that looks ok ( in a modern sort of way) and in keeping with the new front end style of the new current models . other one looks crap thou ! shame that some people will look at it and think its beautifull !.a friend of mine wants to change his current car and wants something that looks as modern as possible.to him that means most angles and sharp edges on bodywork and most gadgets and biggest screen inside. he once sat in mine and couldnt beleive how basic he thought it was .it was far from basic i told him (cav gls) but he asked how to i manage without navigation and how can i listen to music ! no answer was given !
  15. very strange. il have a look at my heads when ive a minute. at least yours may be solved now. thats good.
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