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  1. also looking at mine. the slot is deeper and the bearing goes up to the shoulder .you may have to mod yours if its not as it may hold it at an angle with the spring in
  2. if its the same idea as the b there is a spring between the lower bearing and the u/j .this will hold the bearing in and keeps the bearing races inside it firm. the lower bearing has lots of side movement unless held together
  3. my old blue clarke welder suffered badly with wire feed issues but the red newer versions seem much better. think the feed wheel has more defined knurling in the groove ?
  4. have seen bottoms of A posts rusted and completely detached from rest of car and that was on a 79 cav saloon with no sunroof so it can happen yes.no major issue to repair or replace but time consuming to get door alignment correct. all part of the fun !
  5. like the earlier look too ! amongst the many cavs owned throughout the years i only actually owned 4 mantas and the last two of them ( f exclusives in white) i added chrome bumpers ,sills and arch trims,rostyle wheels and cav velour seats. looked 100% better ( older) in my opinion and certainly nicer to sit in than those awful hard recaros !. each to their own obviously
  6. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  7. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  8. the heater motor growling will probably be the bearings getting dry. common issue ,nothing too serious. if it doesnt go right after using it on full speed and getting some heat into it then you may have to remove the motor to oil the bearings. easy enough to get to. they are just oil lubricated sleeves .so providing they are not seized and spinning in the housings they will respond to re oiling. dont put too much oil onto the bearing so that it gets onto the brushes other end can be oiled up well thou. use a thin oil like 3 in 1 rather than engine oil otherwise they can still growl ive found.
  9. if you get chance to talk to the guy doing the alignment i wouldnt go any more than 3mm toe in.for a standard cav on standard tyres that works best .book says 2.8-4.8 but nearing 4.8 you can end up with a bit of outer wear on n/s tyre.
  10. yes to all the above. an unusual fault but unlikely to be anything other than door switches,main light switch or possibly(but very rare) the earth from the actual light touching in the roof. pull fuse 3 to isolate
  11. to confirm pump running or not. unplug the small spade on the starter motor and leave in free air. if you turn the key and hold it in the start position pump should run. if it doesnt then you need to bridge the fusebox fuse to 12v or unplug the injection relay and check for voltages.you should have 12v to terminal 30 . if so put in a link across to terminal 87b. this should run the pump. if not then its either fuse or wiring to pump or pump itself. you will need to check that 12v is reaching the pump .hopefully it may just be the live connection,or the earth connection.
  12. it cant be £9000. surely. probably one of those ebay sellers who put stupid prices on to encourage you to buy " off ebay". there are plenty of those around
  13. it was getting hard to find normal exhausts for these but they do pop up on ebay .i beleive there are some middle and back boxes on there now. personally i always prefer steel rather than stainless as they usually sound better. my mate ruined the character of his viva with a stainless and paid a lot of money to do so ! but thats entirely personal choice. i like quieter,some like a sporty note ! the front pipes last relatively long above the Y up to the manifold and only realy rust through on the pipe and box .this lower section is easy enough to make yourself anyway.
  14. so long as they are one turn down ( approx) then all will be fine . the tappet will be in its adjustment range if you are a half turn either way .thats why i never understood or use the hot method. yes they are frightenly noisy arnt they at first ! but soon goes quiet as you found out. yes there will be some movement after switching off for a while as the tappet will empty itself under valve spring pressure. all the valves that are closed will do this and is the way i check that they are working correctly. obviously if the bores are worn they will empty much quicker than a new one and may click again on starting but should go quiet again.
  15. ive done the same as mr bandit above. just used some thin carpet in the recesses like the carlton ,senator,royale used to do . matter of preference but looks good to me !
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