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  1. Isn't the grinding on top of the OS chassis rail exactly where the chassis plate should be on an A?
  2. 804 looks right for a coupe boot switch.
  3. Yes it does, the code on your glass is the same as on mine apart from the bottom line which on mine is "E1 DOT 39SGM450AS3" mine is in a c reg 1.8 hatch so maybe they are different editions of the same sunroof on different years? My front hinges look the same but the rear handle on mine is slightly different as it has a surround against the roof (i've seen some with the surround and some without so i think it's optional or a model/year difference.
  4. Rover 200 has struts virtually the same size as the hatch and they are a lot stronger. Thats what i have on mine and the tailgate is never going to drop with them on.
  5. As far as i'm aware there were a couple of slightly different versions of roof used as dealer fit. But they have a particular look and are all the same size. The Clio roof and some of the aftermarket ones are much larger panels One of my old customers had a car he bought new with a dealer fit roof in it. Its the same as is in my hatch and that has the GM mark on the handle inside still.
  6. Original style rivets available from https://www.edelschmiede.com/shop/Button-head-rivet-for-door-stop-Opel-rear-wheel-drive
  7. Both red ones had dealer glass sunroofs and the white one was a nonsunroof from memory. I don't think the huge amount of cars they had in the auction helped the prices, they really weren't spending that much time trying to get bids from people and if anyone was only interested in the manta's they were very spaced apart that people would have had to sit there for hours for all 3 to come across the block. By the end the auctioner sounded bored of it all. The white one has had paintwork and a NSR arch/ lower quarter repair at least by the looks, there's a bit of filler to be found around the inner arch lip and lower quater as proof. Didn't look inside it as it was locked and had the door locks modified with security tumblers and i wasn't interested in it enough to go and try and find someone to unlock it for a good poke around. But from the pictures i think the engine bay has been painted to some degree and there is weaping showing along some seams under there of rusty stains. But the underside looks to have been recovered/brushed in underseal several times as its really thick under the floors so you can't tell whats hiding under there. But there are previous patches visible as well as bulged swannecks (as normal) The 400 has been somewhere for a long time and its so crusty underneath that it was obviously damp for some of that time. I think its biggest issue is the rear arch extensions are blended into the body but the original arches underneath haven't been cut out. They looked like they had just had the lips cut off then slices into them to allow them to be folded slightly out of the way couldn't see those slices being welded up either! So thats going to be a chunk of work to redo right before you even get to what is found once its cleaned down underneath Of the 3 i think the red gte coupe would be the best project. It does need work but its the most honest of the 3 and has been dry stored from the looks of it underneath. It only has a few previous welded patches on it and they are still solid but the one rail has blown through right next to an old patch so its rusty inside and pushing its way out. But compared to the last 5 shells i've had in to weld up it looks in way better condition than any of them did.
  8. I wonder if bid amounts were affected by people actually viewing the cars now rather than just going by the pictures like earlier auctions. Because they didn't look as good in the flesh as they did in the pictures for sure. Also those bid amounts didn't actualy buy any of the cars, none of them met their reserves from what they said live. Although some of the sellers may decide to take the highest bids later. So we can't actually use those as sale prices for the price guide
  9. I get 122mm for the first one And 68mm to the hole on 2 different facelifted 4 slot B body shells But I've also got an early W reg 2 slot shell that looks like 127mm and 72mm 🤔
  10. Well its such a nice day today i thought i deserved a few hours out of my workshop. So i went for a drive in my manta, and i've just been over to the Auction and looked at all 3 manta's. (lovely roads and weather but the amount of numpties just out for a drive is staggering for middle of the day on a wednesday!!) The red coupe is probably the only one that is valued somewhere about right, the white coupe i would value similar to the red coupe maybe just a little more. But then the red coupe is original and unmolested in the majority where the white coupe has had previous work that can be seen in places, so maybe not higher . The 400r is harder to value but i would say about the same as the other 2 or a little less even as from a quick look under them all it needs the most work, but is a 400R a higher finished value? Anybody thinking of bidding on these really needs to go and look at them in the flesh. They do all look shiney in the pictures but all 3 need paint, welding and mechanical work. None would pass an MOT as is from what i saw, all of them will need swan necks welding at least for that. But then if you buy a car blind you get what you get and have no one to blame but yourself. They are all good projects, but the red ones have been sat off the road for a good amount of time (neither red one has been MOT'd since the system went digital in 2006) so they will need a lot more recomissioning to get them to safe driveable condition. The white one being Irish i don't know if there is history for, or how recent it was used on the road. The 400 looks the crustiest underneath so its either been stored much longer than the others or there was some damp around (i think damp) The red coupe has been dry stored by the look but has suffered from time just sat there. The white one has had a thick layer of underseal underneath at some point so its harder to see if thats been layed up, presumably at the same time it had work/welding and paint in the past.
  11. Its a rivet of sorts. You have to grind the flared head off (the bit in your photo) then it will pull out. I replaced it with a bolt/locknut and a bush of the right size so it was all tight but free to pivot. Its the same as the bonnet hinge fixings.
  12. I think i have one, i'll have a look tomorrow for you
  13. I do indeed have a new one with 2 keys in the cupboard. I also have 2 doors and a coupe boot barrel that match the blade shape but would need the tumblers rearranging and you could make a matching set (minus fuel cap)
  14. Pretty sure i have a brand new ignition barrel and keys in my cupboard at work.
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