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  1. On the plus side all the bodgy patching kept the car alive long enough to end up in your hands rather than being scrapped years ago, only down side is its harder to chop out lots of patches than just rusty panels. Hopefrully the acid eat away all the foam between the sunroof tray and roof skin (which is what holds the moisture there and rusts it from the inside) so it will just need a sealant squirting up there between the 2 to reduce vibration from the skin.
  2. I've seen it in the flesh, and even driven it (albeit only off the trailer into my workshop)
  3. Should a B reg have the later dash clocks? i would have thought they should be the early type
  4. mantasrme

    Axle bolts

    I have some used ones, can't think that i've seen them from any of the Manta parts places. Doubt you will get them from any bolt shop as they will be Vaux/opel specific for the axles
  5. For the fuel lines just run new ones, the original ones were steel and will be well past their best by now.
  6. Looks like the sunroof has been removed and plated over, but the sunroof tray is still in there and the roll cage is bellow that. Which is just odd, why not remove the tray and then you can fit the cage right up to the roof So the roll cage is over an inch lower than its supposed to be. looks like it is a bolt in though so could be removed, mounts raised and refitted but thats a lot of work when it could have just been done right in the first place. Othe than that the shell looks quite good, if you are wanting to put a silly big engine in and 400 kit it might not be a bad option. But returning that to standard would be a lot of work with the front inner structure (and a good portion of chassis rail) removed. Plus those arch extensions at the rear are very high up. if the inner arch has been trimed that far back it could be an issue trying to rebuild it.
  7. The 284mm setup is for sale, its Shaun who has it (Shaun400r on here)
  8. I have discs on order then need to get my engineer to modify them for me, so probably a couple of weeks from now i will have stock again. I've never managed to find a supplier of the carriers, you can get a lot of them from germany through ebay (like mk4 astra rears that i use at the rear end) but i haven't found the mk2 astra fronts yet. One of my customers has a full 284mm setup discs and calipers all ready to bolt on for sale, i removed them from his car to go to the 256mm setup so it could return to 14" wheels.
  9. I've got a pair that i'm probably not going to use. Drivers side is new, passanger side has been fitted poorly (was in a project shell i bought a while back, that got chopped up) with a little trimming around the edge. Depends how much of the pans you are after for your project. £150 for the pair collected from near Wetherby , West Yorks
  10. The 288 calipers are too large for the front of the manta. The body of the caliper hits the spring on full lock...... You can use the 284mm caliper from a NG900 saab if its a 1994-96 model (1996-1998 changerd to 288mm calipers) but thats the only one i know of that works on the manta. Not sure any saab had the small 256mm calipers fitted when they were sharing parts with vauxhall Also the 284's require 15" wheels at least for clearance, the caliper requires 284mm discs for which you can use the 2wd sierra cosworth disc (with mods) The Audi discs astra/cavalier calipers fit under the original 14" wheels and are very popular as an upgrade. I normally have the discs available already modified, but am currently out of stock. Don't think i have any calipers currently but i will check at the unit later
  11. If you are running a standard lead acid battery i'd put it in the boot, but put it in a battery box also (available in plastic or fiberglass) as its in the drivers compartment still on a hatch. Alternatively look at dry cell race batteries like the Varley red top. They are less than half the size of an original type and can be tucked into a much smaller space.
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