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  1. Risse sell a complete 2.4 engine making 315Bhp Although its nearly £24K for it
  2. Nice looking build and an excellent shell to start with by the looks. One question though, you say road rally/stage events. But you can't run an arched car on road rallys (unless they have seriously changed the rules in the last few years since i stopped doing them. Unless you mean the new closed road stage rallies, which shouldn't stop you running a LET (although you would need a resitrictor). Personaly if you have the availability i would run an XE on throttle bodies, should give you plenty of power in a manta with a little tweaking and you have spares if the worse happens. For info on the 16v head for the CIH look at risse-motorsport.de but be warned it is nothing like a cheap option. Its also a lot heavier than the XE The RX8 boxes are very strong and easily available and fit with the use of an adaptor plate. However the gear lever is around 4" further back than on the manta box. I'm fitting one in my project but i am sat virtually on the floor and a long way back anyway so it will fall nicely for me.
  3. I've got one of these scissor lifts in my workshop. It can be moved around when not in use and is very handy for doing nearly anything on a car. Only issue is it blocks the floor under the middle so no access for gearbox or exhaust. But i made 4 tall wheel stands so i can drop it onto those to be sat on its suspension up in the air so i can get bellow it. Its great for access to the sills/ or inside while still in the air Might be another option as i would think a 2 post ramp in a small(ish) grage would get in the way a lot around the car and it doesn't look like you'd be able to use its full lift height with the roof. You can also pull the ramp outside and use it there if the floor is fairly level.
  4. What sort of ramp are you going for?
  5. All you ever wanted to know about the chevair is at http://vauxpedianet.uk2sitebuilder.com/vauxhall-u-car---aka-chevrolet-chevair-ascona-in-south-africa Although there is no information about a 1.6 version from memory which is odd
  6. On the plus side all the bodgy patching kept the car alive long enough to end up in your hands rather than being scrapped years ago, only down side is its harder to chop out lots of patches than just rusty panels. Hopefrully the acid eat away all the foam between the sunroof tray and roof skin (which is what holds the moisture there and rusts it from the inside) so it will just need a sealant squirting up there between the 2 to reduce vibration from the skin.
  7. I've seen it in the flesh, and even driven it (albeit only off the trailer into my workshop)
  8. Should a B reg have the later dash clocks? i would have thought they should be the early type
  9. mantasrme

    Axle bolts

    I have some used ones, can't think that i've seen them from any of the Manta parts places. Doubt you will get them from any bolt shop as they will be Vaux/opel specific for the axles
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