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  1. The flange will pull straight out. The carlton 6 cylinder had a flange in their boxes along with a 2 piece propshaft manta didn't. But by the looks of the modified gear lever bracket someone has fitted that gearbox to a different setup somewhere along its life.
  2. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  3. iirc is 'If i remember correctly' They are M14 bolts originaly as Andy says they have a castle nut and split pin end to them. But i normally replace with a straight bolt and nylock nut
  4. I have spare wiper motor and linkages, will double check that i have a set with the nuts and rubbers. Don't think i have a bonnet stay block left, but they are available new from https://www.edelschmiede.com/
  5. Most redlead primers nowadays are a weak version of their former selves. Health and safety got involved and took the lead out of them, so they are no where near as good for rust prevention any more
  6. Drop them a message through their website
  7. Retropower do a LUK clutch kit if you are using the flat flywheel
  8. The hatch flap has a bracket on the rear to hold the fuel cap while you are in the petrol station, the coupe doesn't
  9. Excellent news. Yeah i think you would have really struggled without a jig on some of that. It does make the whole process so much nicer and gives a much much better finish
  10. Nice to see you are cracking on with it. I did wonder when it left my place if it might just sit around for a while untouched while you worked out which bit to attack first.
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