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    Opel Mantas, X Box (driving 400's on Dirt Rally), and caravaning with family.

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  1. I've seen this car in action she is an absolute beast. I
  2. "The best drivers squash the bugs on the side windows....." Lovely one here too. B
  3. This photo is nice in the extreme in my opinion. That picture is pure class.
  4. Let's keep things together....get that back end out....nothing like the rear end of a Manta.
  5. Another one..........isn't she lovely? Classic lads.....the Manta blowing off the Renault.....the car in front is always a Manta!
  6. Twisty road somewhere...nicest car in the world....good combination....
  7. clean airborne....keep her at it lads....keep on pushing....
  8. Peter that's an amazing one, she's full on there...nice plate too...unreal.
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