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  1. Went last year bit wet but was awesome
  2. I got my heater from a polo coupe 1990 I think
  3. Running 45,s on mine get them set right, no problem at all fuel economy is pretty good to be fair depends if you got a heavy foot, wouldn't say it's chucking money away. depends how much money you wana spend I would love ITB,s but havnt got the money,
  4. Hi all, starting next project now, it's an 88 coupe exclusive, at some point its had a pair off doors fitted which are from a hatch gte with bronze glass. So big question has anyone got a pair of green tint door glass for a coupe... Long shot I know
  5. Thanks guys, yea well if I manage to leave on time and get near to the meet point I will head that way, but if not I'll see you all at the site and hopefully there's a spare space if not I'll swing round anyway.
  6. I'm bringing my hatch, but not sure what time I'm arriving, leaving Devon around 6:00 so I would probably fly past bristol the time you guys leave... If I arrive a bit later can I still pop over to the stand and park up? If theres a space ovcourse. Iain
  7. Anyone heading up too there in August, 23rd I think. Was thinking about taking the car for its 1st real run since being on the road a month ago haha.anyone been before?
  8. I think my master cylinder has gone, I've been trying to get my brakes right all morning, when I push the pedal down it gradually creeps to the floor. Am I right in saying they obsolete now? It's a 88 gt exclusive I think it's ate master cylinder.
  9. Same not far from me either, remember this one a couple moths aago, was Interested but scarce on room
  10. weird issue on my car, went out yesterday and she fired up but was a bit lumpy but after it warmed up it was fine. Went out today and it wouldn't fire at all, at best it spluttered and died then nothing. I have no spark, I put a new coil on it 2 months ago, I tryed a spare module and coil and still nothing.I have live on the black wire when ignition is on And a earth on the brown. Is my dizzy buggered? Don't know what else to check. If I took the lead from the distribution out of the cap would there be live there when I turned it over, any help would be great
  11. Yes that's perfect, exactly what I'm after that's fine about the caps thanks for getting back to me. How much are you looking for the caps and lever?
  12. Well caps I'm after any colour but black would be good and forth seat latch that one is black aswell?
  13. Just been looking at this aswell. Been looking for an a project after I finish my hatch. I'm not very good on prices but is this about Right for an a series now? Havnt seen many for sale in a while
  14. Hi all I'm after the following parts for my build as title sais, set of gte centre caps and maybe bit of a long shot a tilt handle for gte seat some how lost one.
  15. Hi all. Does anyone have a pair of 16v calipers for sale from gte astra etc etc. Last item needed for build or do they still sell them new? Thanks
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