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  1. where's the :cry: anim ? see I even still know the Reg number.
  2. There's a dude on RetroRides doing a twin engined XR3.
  3. Alright, who keeps driving their B past the Alty Kwik-Fit when I'm not there ? Missed you about 4 times now!
  4. Hood scoops ? There's only one. Another picture of that V8 ? Go on then! (sorry clive!)
  5. Yeah, that looks awesome. I was worried you might have gone down the cliched moss green route but that looks really good. What colour is it ? some kind of gunmetal ?
  6. Keep it simple Rick. Don't add too many different colours and let the Bling do the talkin' Martins 400 Pick-Up: That V8 again: And the LET. Can't remember the name of the guys that did this. "A&M Conversions" ?
  7. Pretty sure Fiestas use a system where the brake reservoir doubles as the clutch reservoir. Dunno if it would be big enough though
  8. damn, I so should have bought that car last year....
  9. ANy pictures of the Ascona while you were at it Mick ?
  10. I see you haven't wasted anytime updating your sig.
  11. Wouldn't a bonnet bulge be a quicker and easier, if not so subtle, solution ? Check out Clive/opel2000's v8 in 2006 for how a bonnet should be done:
  12. wow, a 16v i240R and a bona-fide 400. Bet that was a sight.
  13. Nice motor. Just what I've got in mind on my wanted list (an early black GTE). I'd repaint the rocker cover, tidy up the HT Leads and give the whole bay a good degreaseing. Bit 'o elbow grease will make a huge difference.
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