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  1. Please note that due to circumstances beyond my control This car is for sale once again. A rare opportunity to buy a 20,000 mile unwelded shell car, maintained without financial constraints and garaged all its life. Serious offers around £3850. This includes around £300-£400 of spares. If you require any pictures or information please call me on 07896 110931 or mail me on ianandann.online@virgin.net. Thanks.
  2. Car now sold. Classic bike next! see you all.
  3. Still for sale, offers around £4500 07896 110931 ianandann.online@virgin.net
  4. Thanks for the comments guys. Pretty lucky having a 30 year old car with an unwelded shell!. The only repair its had is a small hole in the bottom of the passenger door about an inch square. The rest is weighed down in waxoyl.
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