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  1. Please note that due to circumstances beyond my control This car is for sale once again. A rare opportunity to buy a 20,000 mile unwelded shell car, maintained without financial constraints and garaged all its life. Serious offers around £3850. This includes around £300-£400 of spares. If you require any pictures or information please call me on 07896 110931 or mail me on ianandann.online@virgin.net. Thanks.
  2. Car now sold. Classic bike next! see you all.
  3. Still for sale, offers around £4500 07896 110931 ianandann.online@virgin.net
  4. Thanks for the comments guys. Pretty lucky having a 30 year old car with an unwelded shell!. The only repair its had is a small hole in the bottom of the passenger door about an inch square. The rest is weighed down in waxoyl.
  5. Yes, its English Red. Code 532L. Further to the comment by Mick, the car hadn't been on the road since i put the new wheels on but a little drive around the village has re-settled the suspension again.
  6. Mick, its already lowered by 40mm!!! it has a GTE lowering kit fitted. Think the picture is maybe not doing the stance any justice??
  7. <a href="http://s283.photobucket.com/albums/kk281/OLDTIMER020/?action=view&current=ASCONA002.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk281/OLDTIMER020/ASCONA002.jpg" border="0" alt="ASCONA"></a> Ascona now fitted with 7x15 5 spoke Revolutions with 13 offset giving 15mm more width and clearance TOYO Proxy tyres. Opel sport front spoiler.
  8. As 2010 is the 40th Anniversary of the Manta is the club proposing to do anything special at Billing to mark the occasion?
  9. Doncaster, my home town and my birthplace Mum and Dad still live in Rossington. Welcome to Fraggle Rock
  10. Yes it was mine over 10 years ago. I can tell you its lived outside since i sold it. I would deter anyone from paying big money for this car as its had lots of structual work. To be honest it ain't worth more than £500 and even then it would not be for the faint hearted!!! Its been with the same owner since i sold it. I see it quite regular as its in Southport.
  11. No problem Dave, once a northerner allways a northerner. Get well soon Fay
  12. As an ageing rocker and a huge fan of anything loud, ACDC, Purple, LedZep, you name it i listen to it. The best concerts i EVER saw were the 1988 Bad Tour at wembley and the Dangerous tour same venue in 91 absolutley world class and now after his sad death i feel privelged to have been there. Long will they live in the memory. Remember him for his music and the rest will fade into insiginficance. He'll be bigger than ever now which is a sad ending to his troubled life.
  13. Not sure how long until the axle spits it dummy out? by the look of that exhaust plod will be a close second!!!! Will that pass the MOT??
  14. Jim, leave it standard, good original Berlinettas are really hard to find these days. Bolting all those bits on will ruin a rare car.
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