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    Vauxhall/opel cars,motorbikes Suzuki in particular,own a gsxr1100 as well as my black gte coupe B388 FNT,astra sportive van (irmscher)daily runner/parts chaser.Love films rock music fine ales good food,and most of all my wife and three beautifull daughters.
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  1. Lol you can clearly see in the first post thats a reproduction item, so you may as well make one up yourself anyway,which will be better than the original effort. Then spend what you save on the hideous cost of fuel nowadays😆😎
  2. Yeah fully aware of the two cars in question mate and i totally agrree with your comment 👍😎 i was just wandering what happened to old gold in the end😕
  3. Good and sad at the same time..what happened to old gold...does anyone know😢
  4. Sounds like a great show,love brands hatch its a win win for me,...might have to make the effort with this.😎
  5. With it being noted that its only a base model.....something that does work in its favour is the interior/bodywork colour combo,being one of the better choices,and is something that serves this manta well imho. .🙂
  6. With that exclusive hatch recently selling for £17300..could the asking price of this be somewhere near, given that its the more desirable coupe perhaps. The underseal on the frame rails in the engine bay is just wrong and a complete eyesore🤢
  7. Opel Manta GT - 2 owners from new - 12,016 miles |😎
  8. Very sound and informative advise on this subject from C.I.H👍
  9. Thats the most i've ever seen a hatch go for,great news for hatch owners😎
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