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    Vauxhall/opel cars,motorbikes Suzuki in particular,own a gsxr1100 as well as my black gte coupe B388 FNT,astra sportive van (irmscher)daily runner/parts chaser.Love films rock music fine ales good food,and most of all my wife and three beautifull daughters.
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  1. Hi paul

    did you sell your i240 kit. in the end.....🤔

    Kind regards 




    1. Paul Barrett

      Paul Barrett


      never had an i240 kit to sell lol

    2. evo3000


      lol i was referring to the 400 rd kit you had for sale..👍

  2. ultimate street sleeper manta.....with it making more BHP than a works 400 ...i do love the cih engines,but with this pro conversion already in place i certainly would not remove it. At 15k on pistonheads... i'm surprised its not already sold😍
  3. Mk 2 escorts photo bombing all the time..........not having it😬
  4. Looks like a relatively easy project for someone and could be had for potentially good money..the rear quarter damage that no one owned up to would of sent me mad..😭
  5. Well spotted mate ...could be a good un if its as advertised.....(dash cracked though)😶
  6. Good bidding on this ATM,takinig into account that it will need a full strip down and rebuild... to return her to her former glory anything less would be an injustice😎
  7. Great upload onto the Tube by Retro Rob,who has recently uncovered his manta on youtube😎
  8. I was going to to mention you paul as i know he's part of your worldy area.....👍...ie the cornish pastie zone...👍😎
  9. And also from GM6 spares so a reputable seller too...😎
  10. That sounds like it may of been Dave Griffiths who lives near newtown,..not sure if he is in the club anymore....i remember his manta being totally mint and original unrestored😋 condition when i last saw it.😎
  11. Have to say i'm liking that leccy A series a lot....😎
  12. those look like compo cx's or copies which is period correct for the i200 as they were an option at the time...they have a very generous dish on them...may be 3 piece🤔...absolute bugger to keep clean though.
  13. Awesome 400R in the trade mark bris jas grey and black combo😎...your scone really suits that colour.....nice....the i200 is that the one that Devilfish used to own🤔
  14. The two sizes produced would explain things then i quess,.....the bigger size fitted to the i2800 as per sample pic,and the ones the seller has for sale are the smaller variant as fitted to Hermans first manta.😎.....so i would imagine quite rare items.😛
  15. May well be genuine irmscher but debatable that they are manta B specific imho🤡
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