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  1. I have no respect for the scum sucking pond life that stole the car...whatever their intentions were.....its fair to say if the car does exist still as a whole it would of been replated with all numbers changed,but the chances are back then it would of been broken for parts as the complete cars were not worth as much as they are now😢
  2. I totally agree on this one..can the club have some clout on this matter😎
  3. scum sucking pond life they are Danny whoever it is that took it..my good friend has just informed me his late Bro did have an ex Phil collins ex works mk 2 escort at one point aswell...however he was totally unaware of the history of this particular manta.
  4. Do you know how long ago that was at all👍 Forgot about the Phil Collins car..i shall relay that info to my mate...cheers...just to add his brother owned and raced the car in about 89 to 90
  5. Yeah my fault ,should of been does anyone know the whereabouts of this car DOH!..Thanks👍
  6. Just to find atm Jess ,however if it does exist still there may be a pursuit of sale....cheers for your swift reply.👍
  7. This is was an ex road car build for rally use in full 400 guise ,i have done a quick check on gov sites last registered in 94 and last taxed in 91. Just trying to find out for a good friend of mine who's brother built it and raced it,sadly his brother passed away recently. Just to add he also built the Russell Brookes Rep you quite often see on internet parked up in what looks like an air craft hanger (5 stud conversion,with the holy grail wheels) Hope someone can help👍
  8. Dare i say it with a 5 stud conversion😶 as well..anyone know what the powerplant is....i would expect a fully breathed on redtop for that money at the very least....is it the 1.8 ohc one as previously seen on forum.🤓
  9. Nevermind the ride height at the rear that pea shooter tail pipe needs to go aswell....very nice example i do remember it from the club/projects page,however my fave hatch is A666 MFC the ex Karen Morris club car,was half thinking about buying it myself...but i'm afraid i'm a coupe man at heart🤑😎👍
  10. Its not worth that kind of money ..however if someone wants to pay it then all well and good for mantakind.......... The End.....🤡
  11. I'm thinking full Rothmans rep with a red top engine..🤑
  12. thats a club members car stradacab (james) ,i do remember this car but i'm sure it had a blydenstein head not sure could be wrong
  13. That's seriously good money that is for that part in a solid state.😃
  14. This has got to be the Bris jas hatch its fair to say😎 i,m sure he will be along soon or someone will be to advise you on this problem.. 👍
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