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    Vauxhall/opel cars,motorbikes Suzuki in particular,own a gsxr1100 as well as my black gte coupe B388 FNT,astra sportive van (irmscher)daily runner/parts chaser.Love films rock music fine ales good food,and most of all my wife and three beautifull daughters.
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  1. Great upload onto the Tube by Retro Rob,who has recently uncovered his manta on youtube😎
  2. I was going to to mention you paul as i know he's part of your worldy area.....👍...ie the cornish pastie zone...👍😎
  3. And also from GM6 spares so a reputable seller too...😎
  4. That sounds like it may of been Dave Griffiths who lives near newtown,..not sure if he is in the club anymore....i remember his manta being totally mint and original unrestored😋 condition when i last saw it.😎
  5. Have to say i'm liking that leccy A series a lot....😎
  6. those look like compo cx's or copies which is period correct for the i200 as they were an option at the time...they have a very generous dish on them...may be 3 piece🤔...absolute bugger to keep clean though.
  7. Awesome 400R in the trade mark bris jas grey and black combo😎...your scone really suits that colour.....nice....the i200 is that the one that Devilfish used to own🤔
  8. The two sizes produced would explain things then i quess,.....the bigger size fitted to the i2800 as per sample pic,and the ones the seller has for sale are the smaller variant as fitted to Hermans first manta.😎.....so i would imagine quite rare items.😛
  9. May well be genuine irmscher but debatable that they are manta B specific imho🤡
  10. Agreed😎....car has alot of potential,i would still go down the motorsport theme/route with this😍 Of the many times its been up for sale on ebay , it was on at auction and only reached about 7.3k with the engine and reserve not met. So bearing that in mind you would think it would be worth less without the engine.🤓
  11. Top work their mate👍 a credit to the club...i quess its fair to say this one is a keeper and you won't be selling it on😛 Have you thought about the value of it once completed for insurance purposes yet...25k maybe🤑 Will be great to see it on the road and at the shows..maybe a youtube vid of it reunited with its former keeper like you said.
  12. As it turns out its just aswell A50 SBX will probably never be seen again....well as far as my friend is concerned that is...😕 You might have a chuckle at this one.........its because his wife hates them and dislikes the shape of them,and was given the classic ultimatum the car or her......🤣each to their own i quess🙄 I tend to think its more to do with his already large collection of motors. Would still be nice to think A50 SBX is still out there in a barn or garage somewhere waiting to be discovered.😉
  13. I have no respect for the scum sucking pond life that stole the car...whatever their intentions were.....its fair to say if the car does exist still as a whole it would of been replated with all numbers changed,but the chances are back then it would of been broken for parts as the complete cars were not worth as much as they are now😢
  14. I totally agree on this one..can the club have some clout on this matter😎
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