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  1. The last time an ex works (McRae) 400 came on the market it sold for 60k...original unrestored Jimmy McRae RHD one,and that was only a few years ago.😮😍
  2. From the Abbot stable by looks.healthy bidding,could be a good project for the right punter.
  3. sorry for the late reply mate been on our hols for the week.😎 Yes still have same manta,but no real progress made with it due to being unable to commit financially.😭
  4. Great to see you have another manta mate,and looking forward to its rebirth..give me a shout, as may be able to help with parts if required. Sorry not able to help with your last car though,although I'm sure somebody in the club will.
  5. For sure,the car should be kept complete,..i like it a lot too and the kit looks well at home on the hatch...are you looking to put an i240 kit on yours gary?..the hatch kit in question being really for a coupe was modded to fit on the fuel cap side..You can still get the rallytech ones just to add.,which were taken from the moulds of the irmscher ones supplied by the late great MANTADOC,unless i'm mistaken.
  6. Early daze but current bidding is no where near the value of the kit.....and that's before your presented with the solid shell.😊
  7. Given the choice I would have a whole panel to replace a rotten arch rather than a repair section, to try and make it look more factory original,as a lot of the time the profile of the arch is compromised with repair sections, albeit at greater expense😲having said that I would do the honourable thing and cut out the offending arch out of the equation and put a wide arch kit on instead.😋
  8. LOL its the holy grail that's what it is,...not bothered about the BHP,the genuine article the end.🤩
  9. Sky's the limit with this one...probably one of the best most desirable manta's in the country.....😋
  10. Ok stunning then 😉..someone's gone and bought it already..according to a second ad of the same car in his other items for sale😕 I take it is was not as good as it seemed then Dan going by the other pics you have seen.
  11. I think awesome is the word your looking for😍
  12. Looks like a potential show winning car😎….low mileage never welded that's where the money is with this one. I always liked the black paint work with the contrasting red interior works well for me🙃
  13. Just tell her its got more room to put the shopping in that should do the trick😁
  14. The seller states its not concourse....however what a superb original one owner example..looks like a non sunroof as well which is an added bonus. Could live with an auto I suppose as there's not many 2 slot SRB hatches left.
  15. Another nice example😍…..5k seems to be the average asking price for a good hatch at the moment....hell i've spent 3k on parts and materials for my coupe and its still not finished😭 I would have to change the colour of the wheels and go gun metal or black just to give it some contrast against that lovely retro gold bodywork.
  16. LOL I thought I had seen it somewhere before.....if its getting a ticket and those legs have been done...your not going to get any better for the money.
  17. There might be some localish club members who could do a reccy on this and report back to HQ possibly.
  18. The lack of headlamp washers and washer jets in front bumper also indicate that it probably had a light frontal as well.
  19. This could be worth checking out in person...as its hard to appraise this one by the pics alone,but looks promising. Seller states mot work in hand so I gather that will be done.....looks to be a potential bargain compared to other hatchbacks for sale at the moment which are still good buys in the grand scheme of things.😎
  20. That looks well mint....and the silver paint job suits this model really well. Its a big fat yes from me.😎
  21. Just an update on this manta....its had the petrol tank flushed,new pump and filter and the paintwork has been mopped😎 Also showing extra pics of the underside....and a price drop to £4995😍
  22. As the original engine has been rebuilt,i would be tempted to sell the xe and associated parts to help fund a new paint job on this one....half roll cage fitted unusual to see,...could be a return to original jobbie with this to regain maximum value .🤑
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