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  1. With it being noted that its only a base model.....something that does work in its favour is the interior/bodywork colour combo,being one of the better choices,and is something that serves this manta well imho. .🙂
  2. evo3000

    E101 RFD

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  3. With that exclusive hatch recently selling for £17300..could the asking price of this be somewhere near, given that its the more desirable coupe perhaps. The underseal on the frame rails in the engine bay is just wrong and a complete eyesore🤢
  4. Opel Manta GT - 2 owners from new - 12,016 miles |😎
  5. Very sound and informative advise on this subject from C.I.H👍
  6. Thats the most i've ever seen a hatch go for,great news for hatch owners😎
  7. do you think they might do another manta car sos or is that expecting to much😄
  8. Good to hear its still about👍 i'm not sure what he went on to producing in the end tbh,but for sure moved away from the manta/car manufacturing side of things😎 i think the manta kit was always a sideline production wise.
  9. Yes i met him about 15-20 years ago went to his unit in shrewsbury to see if he had any kits left,but unfortunately none left and he had even binned the original moulds which he said he would of given to me,which i would of given to the club tbh,but definitely a nice fellow "last of the oldschool" type. I do remember his red gte d plate from the 90's which had the full kit on it was like the showcase car his daughter used to drive it..then it went to someone else in the club and remember a friend of mine doing a bit of welding on it in the late nineties not sure where it is now though,possible somebody on here knows.
  10. I tend to think thats wearing an RMJ kit not quite as good as the Mantzel kits.
  11. Good to see nice ones like this popping up BTW ..thats pretty much good to go and enjoy..as not everyone is able to restore them to their former glory or pay for someone else to undertake for that matter...😎
  12. Applicable to the vast majority of car dealers in general,...😜
  13. The factory colour used just seems ahead of its time as it still looks like a current choice..😍and as for the car there is something about the coupe body bared down without all the bells and whistles..😎..great car
  14. Ok thats useful to know thanks..they do look fab though😎
  15. Paul, would you consider banding the standard GTE alloys for other manta folk...could be a nice little sideline😎
  16. Reaching 23k and selling..however sadly not to me....😭....but is the new and very proud owner on here i wonder..😎
  17. Sold for £8350 ..and to think that would of been £7750 when it was brand new albeit with the tin worm lying in wait 😭 although not relevant what the cost of new was anymore as time goes on tbh.😁
  18. I take it your not a cabbage in the head lover then mate....🤣
  19. 0k bringing out my top trump card now....2.4 cih Blydenstein tuned with courtenay turbo conversion..😍...and don't mention LET🤪👍
  20. Blydenstein tuned 2.4 means it will be an absolute stonker of an engine and will eat a xe for breakfast..all day long in fact an all day breakfast😄
  21. Well spotted.. dare i say could the club not help save this car or offer help Paul if you have trouble yourself with this matter..🙃
  22. Again very nice example,...would like to see this on on auction to hopefully achieve its best value.. this manta is a major box ticker for me. However with that said the fact it has not sold yet would indicate price is wrong...perhaps this would bring somewhere near 15k at auction.🙃
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