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  1. This car has been doing the rounds on and off for a while now,was total vaux featured a few years back.

    Outstanding example for sure and love those rims,but agree with the above comments best kept bog standard.

    You would think with that mega low mileage it would still be factory original..buts its not, the total vaux owner went all ocd and completly rebuilt it anyway.

    So probably better than factory in that respect...anyway being a bit of a vaux/opel nut..at 25k can't help but think i could get my hands on a a nice vxr8 for under 20k🤔😮

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  2. 10 hours ago, legin500 said:

    Hi looking for a radiator tray if anyone has one.

    Are you looking for the original card type,...or the aftermarket alloy /fiberglass examples.😶

    There is a company doing a repro one which is better quality than the original (not hard to do),someone might be able to provide the link for it,but its not cheap.

    With that said i'm sure there is someone out here in mantaland that will have a spare one they will part with.👍

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  3. I'm starting to think now that the use of the GTE spoiler adds to the overall look of this manta and also is proportional to the car/kit like Ian mentioned.

    I like the wheels as they remind me of the early ATS ones fitted to manta's,...I would do the centers black to contrast the orange paintwork,if it were mine that is.

    Awesome car with the best cih engine and a credit to the club...its a big fat yes from me lol.

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  4. Bloody nice cav is this solid and unwelded and original that's worth thousands alone, also nice stainless system aswell which is a bonus.i'd have this if I didn't have a manta taking up driveway lol,someone give this a nice loving home for christmas.  

    Unless its already sold that is.

  5. On ‎02‎/‎08‎/‎2019 at 21:28, droop snoot hp firenza said:

    thanks gutted i had to sell my last manta, our house move was very costly its taken us 3 years just to be able to go on holiday again.

    but we have spoilt our selves this year as the house is finished .been to corfu twice.

    and now just got myself another manta. always wanted a gold gte coupe. the last time i was at billing with my manta, looking at all the gte coupes i new i had to get one then.

    but its taken me until now 

    what cars have you got now have you still got your black gte coupe

    sorry for the late reply mate been on our hols for the week.😎

    Yes still have same manta,but no real progress made with it due to being unable to commit financially.😭

  6. 17 hours ago, garymanc said:

    I really want the body kit but can’t justify having a pair of Manta’s 

    plus i would like to see it kept together as it’s a iconic car in my mind 


    16 hours ago, TheRealExile said:

    Agree, be nice to see it kept together. It's a perfect ready made base for someone, I'd love to have it! 

    For sure,the car should be kept complete,..i like it a lot too and the kit looks well at home on the hatch...are you looking to put an i240 kit on yours gary?..the hatch kit  in question being really for a coupe was modded to fit on the fuel cap side..You can still get the rallytech ones just to add.,which were taken from the moulds of the irmscher ones supplied by the late great MANTADOC,unless i'm mistaken.

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  7. Given the choice I would have a whole panel to replace a rotten arch rather than a repair section, to try and make it look more factory original,as a lot of the time the profile of the arch is compromised with repair sections, albeit at greater expense😲having said that I would do the honourable thing and cut out the offending arch out of the equation and put a wide arch kit on instead.😋

  8. 30 minutes ago, ®evo03 said:

    Em not in my eyes! 35 year old alloy ticking time bomb! Famous saying! That blurb is funny, i can read between the lines, but............it is what it is,

    if you want one, yeh its gotta be the only one, just wouldnt interest me!  

    Main reason, 140bhp, if that. Very nice car though, not that desireable....

    LOL its the holy grail that's what it is,...not bothered about the BHP,the genuine article the end.🤩

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  9. 19 hours ago, Danny D114BCW said:

    The car was very smart and was a credit to the Manta scene but for £25k I want to look at it and find nothing and that wasn’t the case. 

    Anyway so long as all parties concerned are happy then that’s smiles all around as mho means sweet fa as they blast around smiling. 👍🏼

    Fair comment that is.

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  10. 18 hours ago, Danny D114BCW said:

    It isn’t - I have seen other pictures 

    Ok stunning then 😉..someone's gone and bought  it already..according to a second ad of the same car in his other items for sale😕

    I take it is was not as good as it seemed then Dan going by the other pics you have seen.

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