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  1. I love the i200,s just look spot on without going down the widearch route. Could well be worth double the asking price in ten years time,sound investment,as are all mantas but the special editions will always be worth more. Gone are the days when you could pick these up well below 5k. I,m just off to see my bank manager lol.
  2. Hi gary, are those wheels irmscher ones as fitted to some i240 mantas very nice whatever they are. Looking at the picture if you went for spax rears with a 40mm drop it may achieve what you desire. While i am on is, this saturday possible to collect your old wheels,or are you on the jolly bus by then.
  3. Well i know one thing for sure its a cracking motor,if i had not over committed on my keeper manta if thats possible. i would of gone for this one.
  4. Hi,can anyone help will be needing these parts soon.
  5. Evo manta is still in my ownership guys,but sale is pending and it looks like it could be going to ireland. The rear wheel arrangement has been sorted with a pair of big revolution split rims
  6. Joe email now sent Rick i wish i had paid that much for it mate.
  7. How you doing mate,yeah your email would of gone to my old address. only just got the engine so not in car yet,will see how things turn out Like i say if someone does come along with the right offer,and most of all is prepared to take on this car i would let it go mate. cheers jason
  8. Sorry guys only just noticed this topic,new computer having a middle-age crisis so only just up and running again (i hope but bear with me incase computer has a moment again .
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