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  1. well tbh its a firm ride to say the least,and will not be to everyones liking but it handles like its on rails on her 16 inch tsw,s. Your 40mm springs are the safe option.
  2. Springs will go with standard shocks,and the springs themselves are fitted the same way as standard ones. I have 60mm spax lowering springs on Monroe gas shocks (standard fitment) Hope that helps
  3. cracking motor and a bit of a sleeper with that breathed on 2.2 engine,puts it firmly in redtop territory. All it needs is a couple of slots in the nose cone no only joking. Lovely example probably even rarer than the coupe manta b. Cheers for posting
  4. Hi jack, its good to hear your in a position to buy a manta now,that white hatch now that he has put better pics on looks well nice ,recent restoration,mint looking interior. You may even be able to get it for the original price of £3.5k if you wave the wad of cash in the sellers face,its been for sale for sale for a while so you never know.
  5. And just to add to that, ashley actually made all or most of the irmscher uk systems. I only know this because i went direct to ashley for my system (£200 up to the down pipes) and had a chat with them.
  6. Thats jacks car that is.......to be,oh well plenty more fish in the sea....er then again maybe not.
  7. Cheers for bringing it to our attention there chap,even i like this and i,m not really into the hatchback mantas.
  8. I,m with mantaman and rapierdave on this one jack i think its got your name on it , pretty sure its a club car owned by gsi marc, could be wrong.
  9. sorry jack to be the harvester of doom,but that awesome i200 has sold maybe you should go for those seats afterall oh shut up.
  10. And just to add to that dan,both the cars came back to life in newtown near welshpool,this is where the all the structual and body work took place. I only know this because i was at doing my hum drum job and came across them by accident,i just wanted to stay their all day and forget about my job.
  11. Great to see this being saved there mate,looking forward to your progress report photos
  12. Jack the (manta) force in you is very strong lol,and i for one am constantly impressed with your enthusiasm for the marque,your a credit to the club. As for the in search of jacks manta saga,i hope you find one thats appropriate for you soon.
  13. Does look a nice one,but i think the mr carlos one is better for almost the same money. I get the impression that jack may be after the sub 1k road going fixerupper though. Also comming into contention with above two is a very nice redtop r1 carbed hatch in the for sale ads.
  14. I hear what your saying there jack,but i would really try and push for this one thats the Mr carlos one (off thread) simply because you will not get better for your money,and with some work when you can afford it to get the car where it deserves to be,you can sell it on which should be more than you paid for it and get that coupe your after,job done. You could always ask the old man for some cash lol.
  15. Your right there dan,but its our passion for the poor and crippled manta that will help keep the marquee alive, there will always be a better one out there,but thats a good thing.
  16. i think sutty is right there jack a good manta is in reach with the Mr carlos one. Borrow 2k sell your clio?then pay off some of the loan. Good route to a fully functioning road going manta,emphasis on road going. Wish i could have made it that simple for myself,dam fool.
  17. I love the i200,s just look spot on without going down the widearch route. Could well be worth double the asking price in ten years time,sound investment,as are all mantas but the special editions will always be worth more. Gone are the days when you could pick these up well below 5k. I,m just off to see my bank manager lol.
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