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  1. Just download the Zoom app on your phone Mick and I'll post the link here.
  2. How does everyone feel about having a virtual pub meet online using Zoom? I'm happy to set up. The next scheduled meet is Mon 13 April (Easter Monday) but we don't have to leave it till then if there is appetite to hold a get together sooner?
  3. Thought I'd post an early heads up that our regular pub meet kicks off again next Monday 13 January. Would be good to see as many of you there as possible. Let's start 2020 with a great meet.
  4. Mick and I have decided to leave it tonight. Basically there is a big accident on the M5 and a long queue so not sure if I'll make the meeting on time.
  5. Currently in Newquay, Cornwall but planning on being at the pub meet tomorrow evening.
  6. Totally forgot last night. Did anyone go?
  7. I can't make this one too Steve
  8. I’m planning on going to the meet on Monday. Anyone else going?
  9. Working in Birmingham and won’t be back till late so might not be able to make it.
  10. Hi Steve, sorry mate but I can’t make it tomorrow.
  11. Okay Steve. Anyone else planning on going? Ben? Dan?
  12. I should be there for 7.30 Steve
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