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  1. Yes I'll be there 🙂
  2. I can't make this one too Steve
  3. I’m planning on going to the meet on Monday. Anyone else going?
  4. Working in Birmingham and won’t be back till late so might not be able to make it.
  5. Hi Steve, sorry mate but I can’t make it tomorrow.
  6. Okay Steve. Anyone else planning on going? Ben? Dan?
  7. I should be there for 7.30 Steve
  8. Just seeing who was planning on going to the pub meet on Monday?
  9. Have a good one. I’m on the 1932 train back to Nottingham 🙁
  10. I’m working in London and won’t be back till late so going to have to miss this one.
  11. I'm going on Monday. Anyone else attending?
  12. I'll be at the meet tomorrow and think manta88 is planning on going. Anyone else?
  13. I couldn't go as had a family gathering but I plan to be at the March meet.
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