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  1. There's the two 400 kits, one with mounting flange (oo-er!) outside and one inside and the Bosch kit. But there's another and I'm pretty convinced its mattig I'd show you, but don't how to put a pic up tho dudes.
  2. Cheers chaps, but I'm a bit of an anorak myself. it's none of the above. It literally is a 400 kit with tapering out side skirts and wider than 400 arches. We're making copies of my Irmscher rears to cut about and make wider, but mi mate works even slower than I do.
  3. Hi dudes can anyone remember what the mattig bodykit similar to the 400 kits but wider was actually called? I don't mean extreme kit that had door panels and headlight / grill mods by the way chaps.
  4. Herman, you're a star dude! I owe you more than a couple of beers! Thanks for all your help!
  5. Cheers Herman! I found these too, but couldn't work out if they were removed from another 400 or new. Nice jig though! Mine are the same but the bottom links came separate and I have had to modify top link angle and holes. Looks like the commo lower links measure 71cm chassis side and 107cm axle side, so sounds like about 1 degree difference as you said chap. Cheers Damo.
  6. Cool Herman! Glad you had a cool time! Thanks for all your help. It turns out my lower link bushes (axle end) were originally the smaller diameter ones but someone has tried to fit the bigger ones and made quite a mess. Nevermind eh! Cheers Herman! Damo.
  7. Dude! You are excellent! Thank you so much for all your efforts / time Herman! I think you're right, possibly 3 deg or les. I see the 400 prop has a centre u.j. instead of the c.v. type the commo has. The engine I'm fitting is at centreline instead of offset 18mm or so like the manta so I need to decide where to lose the difference. Also, I think the 400 legs I have are slightly deeper than they should be so I might have to hang the lower links 10mm lower than they should be. I'm not having much suspension travel but assume there should be around 10mm clearance between the top of the link and the bottom of the chassis to allow for twist plus the handbrake cables go though there too. cheers Herman! Damo.
  8. Thanks Herman! That's excellent bud. Sorry to be such a pain in the butt! ! Cheers Damo.
  9. Excellent photo's Herman! Thanks! Yes my chassis rails are the same but possibly slightly deeper than yours. They came with the lower mounting brackets separate so I made a jig at the original axle position but I don't know the pinion angle of the original 400, if the 400 chassis legs should be 0 degrees horizontal to the floor or not and how far the lower arm mounting eye should be from the floor (po( 80mm?) I think the lower link angle is 18 deg and top links are possibly 11 deg. If possible, could you measure prop shaft length and centre prop mount distance from the section in front of it? Sorry for all the questions! Really appreciate your efforts Herman.
  10. Thanks Herman! Yes, the top links need to follow the angle of the chassis parallel to them. I have had to alter my new chassis legs as they came with the top link angle at 0. Not as straight forward to fit as I'd hoped. Cheers Damo.
  11. Hi dudes Don't suppose anyone out there has a jig to reset a commodore rear axle brackets to manta / ascona 400 positioning to borrow by any chance? Or any measurement / angle details??? Ta, Damo. 07543984248
  12. Hi dudes, if there's anyone with a ascona/manta 400 with the rear axle at present and wouldn't mind measuring up a couple of things for me can you let me know please. Ta, Damo. 07543984248
  13. Dudes, Does anyone know why the ope400club,de site has disappeared? Was a cool site for 400 stuff and it's gone. ....spooky.
  14. Think Dave's right dude, think it's been for sale in white for ages. It is splendid, rims aint my bag though.
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