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  1. Hi I have just renewed with Footman James, after leaving Chris Knott (who needed an independent valuation greater than £10000) and have an agreed value of £15000 with no pictures needed nor independent valuation whatsoever.
  2. Thanks guys for all the responses. I’m just off the phone to Chris Knott insurance and it is an admin error. Independent valuations are only needed for greater than 10k with them so OK to increase to £9999! It is apparently relatively easy they say to get an independent valuation. Any garage that can review (I plan to ask the garage who has done the MOT’s since 2008 and who did some body work a few years ago) to review and if happy stamp my form.
  3. I have just had my insurance renewal with agreed value through from Chris Knott for my 1988 Manta GSi Coupe. As well as the usual declaration on mileage and the requirement to provide photographs (they ask for these every two years) they have asked for an independent valuation. It was previously insured with an agreed value of £9500 which I feel is now a bit low and also previously did not require an independent valuation unless more than £10000 but must of changed this. Does OMOC have the faculty to do independent valuations for their members? I live in the far north mainland of Scotland and hope this will not be prohibitive. Thanks John
  4. I’ll do fancy a scanned copy so will PM you my email adress as you suggested. Thanks, John
  5. Thanks Snowy it sure does help most appreciated. John
  6. Hello, I have recently acquired a Senator 2.5E of 1984 vintage to complement the Manta. Does anyone on here know the timing and CO (mixture) setting for this engine? Thanks, John
  7. Looking for a genuine Irmscher three piece spoiler for a manta coupe in good condition,
  8. Kevin, passed the MOT with no advisories. The cold start Thermo timer switch bizarrely failed yesterday, and I was back to cold start issues! That's the vertically mounted sensor on the thermostat housing. I hve therefore overridden the system and ran a supply direct to the cold start injector, through the speedo cable grommet, and up to the cigarette lighter socket. If cold start is required, a few seconds plugged in, then a crank works a treat. The sensors are difficult to come by plus they sometimes fail stuck on, so this manual method is fine by me! Car starts instantly and runs perfectly.
  9. Consulted the Haynes manual and I had indeed swapped the temperature transmitter plug with the auxiliary air start plug. The car would then start however would flood within two minutes. Fitted a new temperature transmitter (referred to temperature sensor II in the Haynes manual), at the cost of £9.50, and now running well. MOT booked for Friday so fingers crossed.
  10. Hi, I have just replaced my thermostat housing assembly due to white metal corrosion with a good condition second hand unit. I had to reuse the temperature sensors, however the car is now almost impossible to start, although it will start after copious cranking and will not idle. When warm the car runs fine. I have checked the thermo switch, which is mounted vertically, and it reads 75 ohms when cold, presumably the resistance of the coil. The horizontally mounted temperature sensor however reads 0.5 M ohms, basically open circuit, so I have ordered a new one online via eBay. My initial thoughts were this was the cause, however have subsequently discovered the cold start injector is controlled by the thermo switch, which I think is OK. I have another cold start injector and have swapped that with no improvement. Does anyone have any experience of this issue? Incidentally the car is a 1988 GSi coupe, and I have pumped out all the old fuel, as the car was last on the road in September last year. Thanks, John
  11. Some of the cars that were on show.
  12. I've only just spotted this, if only I'd known. I'm entered as a single entry in emerging classics. Just passed MOT with no advisories. See you there.
  13. After several unsuccessful attempts on ebay I've decided to try on the forum to acquire a descent set of irmscher twin headlights for my GSi. Can anyone help? Cheers, John
  14. Remember it well from last year. I bid up to 1200 quid without seeing it, before I got the GSi. Car eventually went to Aberdeen I think. John
  15. Hello Dave, Your car looks fantastic , I used to own one identical except it was D reg. Welcome to the club. John
  16. Welcome to the club. I love the black i240. My dream car. John
  17. Hello all, My name's John and last month I purchased a Monaco Blue Metallic Opel Manta GSi Coupe and this month I re-joined the OMOC after about 12 years being mantaless. I apologise for not introducing myself earlier, but thought I would wait until my membership was processed. The car itself is virtually immaculate thanks to the hard work of its previous owner. This is my 4th manta ever, and my 5th if you include a cavalier sporthatch that started it all off. I live in the very, very far north mainland of Scotland and it has taken around 18 months to find the right car relatively close to home. (5 hour drive home!) I won't make Billing this year, which would be around 9 hours drive, due to work commitments, but I will one of these days. John PS Hope this has attached.
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