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  1. Thanks again rutts, I’ll add him to my favourites. Steve. update - I now have new gears on order but I’m still searching for a good timing cover, ideally the GM number above but earlier covers such as GM 90008786 ( I’m advised) will also fit.
  2. Herman, Thank you for this information - I was aware of the different size gears but not aware of the '02' marking on the casing to identify it - that is a very handy thing to know. When I can find a new/used housing I shall make sure it doesn't have this on. cam.in.head, Yes, it would be lovely to find a new one but, sadly, I haven't - although I'd be very happy with a good second hand one. I've tried many places via the internet with no luck apart from one which Anthony (Opel Parts Greece) has for £370 + p&p (90008786). I have a thread in the Parts Wanted but no offers as yet. I will see if anything transpires over the weekend but may have to contact Anthony again as time is ticking and my mechanic will soon want my car out of his way. Thanks again guys, Steve.
  3. Thanks for the above cam.in.head - I am aware that not all the cover plates used a gasket (my current one doesn't) but the info I have changed on an engine number and not necessarily a timing cover number. Do you know which cover has a gasket and which cover doesn't or does something else determine this? Steve. Andy, More good information, thank you. I will endeavour to contact GM6 Spares and see if they can help. Steve.
  4. Thanks Jess. Latest - I now have new valve stem seals, new chain guides & rails etc., timing chain coming shortly with cam wheel, new hydraulic lifters and new oil pump gears coming too. However, I have had no joy tracking down a timing cover/oil pump housing. I've contacted Carl and he is unable to help at the moment. My current cover has the GM 90090599 number but, as pointed out by several club members, I understand other covers will fit. Anthony (Opel Parts Greece) has suggested GM 90008786/638102 but what, if any, is the difference. The parts disc has it listed for the 1.6, 1.9 & 2.0N/S with the 1.9E & 2.0E using GM 90008592/638100. My car is injected - does this make a difference? As always, any help would be much appreciated. Steve.
  5. Thanks for this suggestion - I have sent a message to him and I'm awaiting his reply. Regards, Steve.
  6. Hi Andy, That all sounds good to me. My only query is - are you able to confirm that they are the right parts for my car (1987 GTE Exclusive 2.0E inj coupé) assuming they are then I would like to buy them from you please. How would you like payment ? I can do Paypal, transfer etc. whatever suits you best. Thanks for all your help and effort in assisting me with my car, I don't know a great deal about how it all works but I am, slowly, learning 😁. I certainly know a lot more now than I did a month ago. Regards, Steve.
  7. Andy, Having been to see my mechanic today, I have ordered a number of parts from edelschmiede (valve stem seals, slide rail, guide rail, tension arm etc.) timing chain tensioner & hydraulic lifters from elsewhere and so would be interested in your timing chain & cam wheel - please let me know how much they are? I have posted a thread for a replacement timing cover/oil pump housing & gears but, alas, had no response as yet. I have seen second hand gears on-line for £35 - £90 and new for approx. £300 and even found a new GM housing with gears/gaskets/water pump etc. for a mere £1800, which is a bit too rich for me. The head is going to have the valve seats checked and re-ground/replaced, as deemed necessary, and the injectors are being sent for refurbishment or replacement (assuming they are still available?). I think we will then be in a position to start re-assembly of the engine. 😁 Steve.
  8. As stated above, I am looking for an oil pump housing / timing cover GM 90090599 to fit a 1987 GTE 2.0E Coupé. In an ideal world I would like a new one but I'm sure that's highly unlikely and so a good condition second hand one would suffice. I am also after the oil pump gears, again new preferred, but good second hand will do. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Steve.
  9. Thanks for all the above Andy. I'm going to see my mechanic on Monday morning to get his 'shopping list' of parts he would like me to acquire for the rebuild. However, I am in the process of trying to collect some original spares, for future use, as all will be staying standard with my engine. Steve.
  10. Reluctantly, I have to agree too. I will post a wanted thread and see what comes up. The current housing I bought off of Carl but It didn't look like that when it was fitted and so, as suggested by cam.in.head, there must be some debris in the oil causing the problem. The housing was replaced last year, bought off Carl, vapour cleaned and fitted by my local garage but, as stated above, it didn't look bad at all when fitted. My original gears were re-used but I will now look to replace everything - housing, gears and chain guides. As for the engine running beforehand it all sounded ok. A little 'tappy' up top but, I felt, it lacked a little power. When I bought my first new Manta in 1985, an 1.8s Berlinetta Coupé it was capable of reaching the 120mph + that the dial suggested but my current car struggles to get to 100mph. My mechanic has found the compression is down on two pistons - 90psi instead of 140psi - and he's still looking for any more problems ( hopefully he won't find too many ). Curious - did you find new or use good second hand parts?
  11. Below are a few photo's of my oil pump housing and pump gears. My mechanic is worried about the scoring and has suggested replacing the gears and possibly the housing. From what you can see, difficult I know, would anyone agree that they need to be changed ? Would you describe it as light, normal or excessive wear ? I have seen the gears available on ebay for £300 but a new housing ? Should I need to replace can anyone recommend the best place to try ? Thanks, Steve.
  12. Thanks again for the additional information, it has all been passed on to my mechanic to check out. The engine is currently in bits with everything being checked for blockage, damage, wear etc. with the view of replacing anything the isn't 100% right. Any more info or tips at this time would all be welcomed. As above, thanks for everything you have mentioned - the links have been forwarded to the mechanic and I'll update later in the week when I know more
  13. Thanks for the above info - I'm happy that I have the correct oil pump housing (90090599) and plate with relief valve (replaced with matching part number) and know not to use a gasket on my car. However, your last comment - means nothing to me - but I'll ask the mechanic to check it out and see if anything is wrong, thank you for pointing it out. Thanks for confirming the plate orientation. Whilst annoying it's a nice easy, cheap fix (for a change). My car had the replacement oil pump housing fitted at my local garage and retained the issue with the oil light coming on & didn't 'feel right' when driving and so it has only done about 40 - 50 miles since - would you, therefore, recommend changing the pressure switch incase of any damage?
  14. Update - the mechanic thinks he may have discovered what is causing my low oil pressure - the oil pick up pipe did NOT have a gasket fitted, and having read the link supplied by 611 Andy (thank you), we have subsequently cleaned the release valve and all is ok with that but noticed that the plate had been put on the wrong way round. As the link states the valve should aim to the back of the car whereas mine was pointing forward - presumably preventing it from working correctly - yet to be reassembled to confirm. The replacement oil level raiser has also been ordered and will be fitted in due course. Old gasket - but no makers name visible.
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