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  1. I'm in the process of having my engine stripped and rebuilt to, hopefully, correct an oil pressure problem that has been ongoing for some time. It is a 1987 GTE 2.0 injected coupe. The mechanic has checked my oil pressure and it ticks over at approx. 20lb with some fluctuations between 18lb and 28lb. On occasions it can drop as low as 10lb and with revs at 1500 - 2000 it can go off the scale ie. well over 100lb. The engine has been worked on before (3 years ago) and is an amalgamation of two engines using the 'best' parts from each. The pictures below were taken this morning and I can only assume the parts are all correct for my car (are carburettor/injected engine blocks, heads different?). The photo of the head with a curled up piece of metal in the oil return must surely be an oversight/error by the previous mechanic - but does it serve a purpose ? why would you do it ? The oil pump housing was changed 18months ago, part no. 90090599, which I am told is correct although I can't find it on the parts disc. The mechanic is continuing to strip parts down and check for any defects, dirt, swarf etc. that might lead to an answer but any help/suggestions would be much appreciated. Could the high pressure and low pressure be two separate issues and not one ? Cheers, Steve. .
  2. Can anyone help me acquire a dipstick tube guide for 1987 2.0E GTE Coupe, part number 658310 or 08966203? (locking plug 658154 / 90106212 also required) Current one has been broken off with remainder still in-situ. Engine is coming out in three weeks to be stripped/re-built and tube required for then. Many thanks, Steve.
  3. Thanks Rob for confirming the number for me. I see there is another post on here for clarification of the part number and note they are different for l/h or r/h drive and a third option for diesel. I will now order the right one and see if it makes any difference to my light coming on. Thanks again, Steve.
  4. I wish to change my oil pressure sender, as I have the red light showing whilst the engine is ticking over, to prove/eliminate it as a faulty sender. The one fitted is FAE 1456 (0), equivalent to GM 09279853 or Opel 1252553 but amongst my notes I have another number FAE 1469 (0), GM 08975471 or Opel 1252554. Could someone confirm which is the right one for my 1987 2.0 GTE coupe please.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome back guys. My thoughts regarding my engine are to have a good reliable car that I can drive whenever I wish. Whilst I want it to be good, I don't want to lock it away just for 'shows'. I want it to be practical and useable. I don't want to race it, probably never take it on a track and it doesn't have to beat every other car away from the lights. It currently has the wrong engine in it, 20T, which is from a CF van and so whatever I swap to must be an improvement. Sadly, I don't have the knowledge, or space to do it myself. I know if I put a 20E engine in everything else stays the same but if I change to another engine what else needs to change too in order to function right and be safe. I've been told figures of £1000 - £4000 to do it and, whilst I'm looking for a good deal, I'll spend what it needs for the right job. In an ideal world, I need to find a mechanic around the Crawley, Horsham, Gatwick area that can take my car and do all I need and then bring it back. If they have it a week or a month, whatever, it doesn't matter to me, it just has to be right. Kev - I'm off to read the projects pages now and see where it takes me. Steve.
  6. Hello to you all. I'm Steve from Crawley in West Sussex and I own a 1987 GTE Exclusive. I'm a returning member having been out of the club for a couple of years, mainly due to work commitments. Whilst I've had my car for a few years now it has never been up to the standard I would like. I'm now, hopefully, in a position to do something about it but require advice and the contacts in order to achieve my aims. (a new/different fully re-con engine is priority) Any help, especially local, would be much appreciated. The car is currently on a SORN and I need/want to drive it this year. Look forward to hearing from you with your ideas and recommendations. Many thanks, Steve.
  7. Thanks Paul for the info. I've looked at the Flaming River ones and I'm not sure if they are the same, they look slightly different but that might be my imagination. The one on the car looks exactly the same as the one shown in the Haynes manual (Opel B series) page 171. It is also the same as the one shown on the parts diagram disc I bought from OMOC some time ago, part no.03455209 for models 50 80. I see Retro Power has uploaded a photo of one he has so I will reply to him and see how I get on. Thanks again, Steve.
  8. Thanks for your quick reply guys. The info you've given me will be a great help in getting my beloved Manta back on the road. Regards, Steve.
  9. Hi to all, Ive just taken my 1987 GTE for an M.O.T. and sadly it has failed on a worn steering column universal joint. The garage couldn't offer any help as the part doesn't come up on their system. So, can anyone confirm the part number or cup size etc for the steering column universal joint. Are they all the same across the range? My chassis number is 58J if this helps. Many thanks, Steve.
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