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  1. Quick question, whats the total length of the assembly with Manta attached? Will it fit inside a standard garage? Thanks!
  2. Long time mate! Good to hear still alive and kicking!
  3. Expensive but try and find another pair, I know drivers side is super rare. Also I was unlucky enough to get hit on rear quarter, would be nice to know panels could be replaced at a lower price than that eBay item!
  4. Found this one on ebay Germany, maybe the club should be purchasing to remanufacture? https://www.ebay.de/itm/NEU-ORIGINAL-OPEL-Manta-B-Seitenwand-Seitenteil-SET-LINKS-RECHTS-Blech-NOS/254282163651?fits=Model%3AManta+B&hash=item3b3465e5c3:g:i20AAOSwqXxdGhnl
  5. GLWTP! I nearly went for this one too some tasty parts with that lot, will be a nice one when completed!
  6. Found another if anyone wants one! https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/irmscher-sport-endtopf-opel-manta-ascona-kadett-astra-calibra/1052385421-223-6747
  7. Try www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de was a few on there a couple of months ago!
  8. Lol does that mean you don’t wanna use the twin? Because I haven’t started cutting up the Astra box yet.
  9. I know mate, I was first to respond but couldn’t get cash over as I was on holiday! Gutted, but found one for an Astra which I will modify for £80! Was hoping to find a twin system for the commodore with those tips but even rarer than rockin horse poo!
  10. This is the one I’m looking for, was rare back in the day. This would finish the i200 off perfectly if I can find a good one.
  11. !!! WANTED !!! Rare AF Manta B Irmscher Sebring Exhaust/Back Box Any hoarders out there want to clear some space and help me finish my project? Thanks!
  12. You star! I owe you many beers! 👍
  13. I have just started to strip the body and inspect the damage. Still gotta take the engine out and get parts so no rush for a bit. Only just contacted retropower for the panels, so not planning to start cutting for a couple of weeks! Thanks!
  14. Hi, Starting rust repairs on chassis and require a jig to keep everything in place. Has anyone got a jig I could borrow or buy? Thanks! Dom
  15. Danny, Have you got his email? Did you get anything in the end? Thanks! Dom
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