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  1. I have all the parts to put this back on the road, I just don't know if it's worth it. Paint is the major issue, plus of course how good is the shell and how well have any repairs been done.
  2. I bought the carpet, collected it this morning and it's in very good condition. He still has the door cards,parcel shelf in red, heater matrix, radiator and Kenlowe and a few other bits.
  3. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VAUXHALL-OPEL-MANTA-85-1-8-PETROL-/141621765120 £500 at the moment with 14 bids and 3 days still to run; people seem surprisingly keen for what looks like a pretty rough car... rotten and been in a shunt.
  4. What made me think of this was lifting a tank out of a 205 GTI I was dismantling, which has a lift pump in the tank. I think the idea of going round scrapyards with a tape measure is the best idea - actually mounting the tank is easy - it's the shape and the location of the filler neck that look to be the biggest potential headaches.
  5. Has anyone used an alternative tank for a hatch? The originals as we know are poorly protected from the factory, and are difficult to find in good condition. Anybody fitted anything different? I'm thinking a plastic tank from another car, an alloy custom tank or possibly even a plastic marine tank?
  6. Rick, if you do replace the whole axle I may be interested in taking the welded diff axle off you as long as you don't want anything silly for it.
  7. I need a pair of Mk1 Cavalier or early Manta B indicators if anybody has some for sale please? Need the full units not just the lenses. Cheers!
  8. Wonder how much this will go for, looks like a great starting point!
  9. Parked on Dragon Lane on my way to work the other day. Anybody here?
  10. There might well be nothing wrong with it. Mine is very heavy when parking etc - as my MOT tester says "it's not for girls this car, is it?" Saying that my Mk2 Golf GTI has a lot heavier steering!
  11. Good work on the fuel flap Gorgeous build, can't wait to see the end product.
  12. Get that fuel filler flap painted! What a gorgeous looking car, looks bloody fantastic
  13. Hi Gunman As Rob doesn't seem interested in your manifold, how much are we looking at for postage from over the water?
  14. Aye this was the problem on mine! My letter from the DVLA didn't say they needed me to fill in a form though, they just said a new V5C would be issued (and it was) following a discrep noted in the MOT.
  15. My 88 Exclusive has this - the number on the logbook is slightly different to the one on the car (I seem to remember the one on the car has a suffix, an extra 2 letters or something) MOT station flagged it and I got a new matching logbook from the DVLA a couple of weeks later.
  16. Small World, I lived on Llandeilo Road!
  17. I bought a 205 GTI from Coelbren years ago, when I used to live in Brynamman. Is the forestry still accessible, I suppose they shut the gates these days
  18. Yeah that topic is a monster, I've read bits here and there over the years but I need to put aside some time to read it properly!
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