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  1. Well done Andy. You will be as good as me one day 😃
  2. Well it was finished. Then we decided to drop another engine in it. Starter wire touched earth. Fire fire fire. Fire out. Now pissing water from the head. New head gasket. Small jobs to do. Won’t make not billing again 😐
  3. Good luck Dan and we’ll done to Neil and Carl. See you next week to strip the bits down
  4. Nice work Clive. Like you i can't add text between pics so it ruins the story flow
  5. Rooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddd trip to Finland baby Check out his other stuff!!!
  6. It was a manta diesel bonnet leaning against the wall. From a South African car. Car long gone
  7. I have touched the aforementioned manta b power bulge bonnet, kneel before me
  8. Yea, just different products for different uses to do a similar thing We use blasting and a diluted phosphoric acid mix on bigger parts and in chassis, then after paint nail everything in noxudol rust preventer fluid
  9. Very nice save, looks great, long live the original cars
  10. Look at Curts Ascona build thread on here. you will need to buy commo arms and an escort 4 link kit you will have to have the hubs re drilled to 4x100 I'd have the hubs milled and sleeved for the centre bore of the alloys too, see my cosworth build
  11. If you want to go 5x120 on the back then you need a pair of jag mk2 hubs
  12. Nope, 9k in uni fees to find for next years course
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