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  1. I think finding all the specific bits bolts washers spacers and then finding the plastic bits to cover up all the bits we spent hours fitting is the hardest bit. Welding is the easy part of restorations. I’m enjoying the build again though.
  2. Great post. Pictures like this are worth there weight in gold. Good luck with the project.
  3. Spot weld. In standard positions on the top edge. Interesting if they would accept spot/rose weld on the bottom edge to inner sill. Would look original though and they probably won’t even notice. IIRC I’ve done spot/ rose weld on lower edge. If it’s done properly they won’t fail it. If it looks shonky they will.
  4. Class. I’m building a manta in a manta T-shirt 😂
  5. Well done Andy. You will be as good as me one day 😃
  6. Well it was finished. Then we decided to drop another engine in it. Starter wire touched earth. Fire fire fire. Fire out. Now pissing water from the head. New head gasket. Small jobs to do. Won’t make not billing again 😐
  7. Good luck Dan and we’ll done to Neil and Carl. See you next week to strip the bits down
  8. Nice work Clive. Like you i can't add text between pics so it ruins the story flow
  9. Rooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddd trip to Finland baby Check out his other stuff!!!
  10. It was a manta diesel bonnet leaning against the wall. From a South African car. Car long gone
  11. I have touched the aforementioned manta b power bulge bonnet, kneel before me
  12. Yea, just different products for different uses to do a similar thing We use blasting and a diluted phosphoric acid mix on bigger parts and in chassis, then after paint nail everything in noxudol rust preventer fluid
  13. Very nice save, looks great, long live the original cars
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