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  1. Genius way of marketing a manta and making money. Well done. I’ve bought tickets. The kit fits better than mine. The next manta I sell it’s going to be a raffle like this
  2. There is a detent ball that is a PITA to get correct. When I took the front off an 1800 box to make an adapter for a 265 there was a spring ball. I have no idea how I would of got that back into place.
  3. So our NW pub meet was on Friday. Big Cliff brought over a 14” 5 stud ronal for me to try my 17” OZ split rim outer hoop onto. you know what? It fitted a treat ! Saturday was more work on the 4HA axle. I have previously made the upper and lower arms. Half shafts needed fitting. Monza studs pressed into the temporary hubs ( i have proper 5x120 hubs from a mk2 jag that are heavily modified ) shafts in. Car turned over. Time to pop the axle into the car. OH MY GOD!!! It’s mega heavy. 3 of us struggled to place it. then we started to bolt it on. hmmmmmm. It’s upside down 🤣 so we flip it ( Dan had gone home by then so it’s just me and Andy ) just about managed to get it over and springs into place. Now we need to work out the angle of the dangle of the shocks and pan hard rod mount. Andrew found a new pan hard rod mount kit so he’s ordered that. Picture dump now 😀 As usual. The website has issues. Maybe it’s me ? No pics will upload
  4. He says it is a full car with all the parts, a good spares car or cheap build
  5. Hi mate. I will get some measurements done this week. I tried in the 11" in the 400 arch and i think it's too wide. Big Cliff did ask what tyres I was going to use and I have no idea 😆 10 inch rear and 8 inch front was the correct factory ronal 5 stud
  6. More work on the rear arches. Honestly it’s been the hardest part of the build to date. I wanted the rear arches to be removable. No idea why. But let’s crack on. Setting the position of the rear arch was made by the front wing and side skirt that’s as straight as a dogs back leg. Arch screwed in place using self drilling deck screws. the drivers side is a brand new rear 1/4. Currently worth a grand. So let’s cut it up. Previously I’ve added big head fasteners to the reverse flange. A complete arse as every single one needs cutting to shape and a slot made to place it. Arch into place and I made a scribe tool to mark the slots / holes onto the car. The other side I did similar but didn’t open up the body holes enough and the kit was absolutely stuck. It was a complete bastard to remove!!! The arch extension template from one side was transferred to the other. Once the holes are drilled into the rear 1/4s ( bigger than I want but due to bolt orientation that’s what I have to live with the big head fasteners are glassed into place. Today I have been looking at the split rims. I wanted to build some split rims Ronals. But now not sure it’s achievable. so I’ve dug out all my OZ barrels to see if I can build some split rim 5x120 hartges. I snapped 2 crappy Chinese laser sockets just buzzing the bolts off. FFS. Chinese shite. The rears I’m looking at should be 10”. I built these quick from the barrels and fronts I had at 11”. I should be able to build a proper set of 10” back and 8 or 9” fronts from want I have.
  7. When I went to see Ray many years ago with an engine build he told me he still had the manta, I wonder if he still has it? I've never seen soooooo much 400 engine stuff squirreled away under benches in my life
  8. Yep the brakes are done. 305 m3 discs, 4 pot brembo calipers. If you can dig out the model of that titan centric release clutch bearing I'd appreciate it too😀
  9. I've never noticed that before? Possibly just on 400s?
  10. 10" ronals.......................................... oh my The white one looks to be a late shell with an early vin plate? What's the story on that car?
  11. Hi Paul, 14" is only the ' face ' ie the insert in the split rims . The wheels if they work are going to be a 10"x17"back and 8" or 9" x 17" on the front. 3 piece split rims
  12. Not sure mate. Would be an interesting measure. I’m in conversation with Pawl about it too.
  13. Nice work. Those 3 piece spoilers can be a bugger to get straight again.
  14. Cheers everyone. Thanks Lewis. Shaun’s bringing me a set in April. May as well buy another 4 I may not use 🤣 This is what I’m doing
  15. Hi. I’m looking at doing a set of split rim Ronals and the 15” Ronals I have are too big on the face to suit my 17” OZ barrels. I think I need a set of 5 stud monza 14” ones. Not ronal gte 4 stud. Just one would do at the mo to let me play with them. Cheers.
  16. I've never seen a 6 spring 2.0 friction plate. Are you sure it's not too big for the 2.0 flywheel?
  17. Looks like a grandad spec hatch trim with non recaro seats. I have a pair of these mint in the loft for retrimming purposes Taken from a grandad spec hatch😃 Edit, hang on, no that's chicago grey. Anyway, I bought a pair of new ones a couple of years ago at not billing for £40 in gm bags, in the loft now too
  18. Looks like a record one to me or mk1 carlton I had the same and chopped it up for the brackets The half shafts are longer, hang on.... is this 5 stud?My mk1 carlton one was 4 stud 5 stud! hmmmm no idea then after mutiple edits😆
  19. Great work, sorry I had missed this but will be following with interest
  20. Great work on the spoiler and I love the red tint lights
  21. Looked awesome work when I saw it yesterday, downpipes too. Proper job!
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