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  1. Hi, Loobie, Received message from Ian Martin that the commitee decided not to provide BBQ for members.

    What would it cost per head from bbq company.


    Regards Doug Bart

  2. looks like nitrous been removed, nice colour. Think the spoiler suits it in this blue
  3. Hi Rab .

    Did you have any luck sorting new stock of club umbrella,s.

    Cheers  Doug

  4. Hi, All ,Looking for a good pair of exclusive Coupe boot Spoiler winglets, the parts that fit on body not boot. Cheers.
  5. Where,s the video link Steve. Cheers Got it , helps when you put glasses on .
  6. Just had to go and have a sit in mine in the garage,Love it !!!
  7. Yep good price,with restoration car you know your buying a rust bucket, but with a restored car you never really know whats underneath the nice paintwork.
  8. correction it does need me glasses
  9. I am suprised it doesnt say Barn Find LOL
  10. Hi, Russ ,I will have black turbo please .LOL Doug
  11. On a Lighter note, Could This Be a Transformer LoL
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