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  1. Blast that must mean it was my white hatch that's been written off by an idiot in Watford. but I'm going to fight his insurance to try and get it sorted. Front and rear damage.. yes it was hit so hard while stationary with full brakes on it was pushed into the car in front. May need to get a club valuation on it for the fight ahead.
  2. Three Mantas spotted in the lakes all in pristine condition and together. Anyone else seen them?
  3. If it helps that isn't yellow ochre. Flame red I seem to remember it being called although orange to the eye. If its original paint it may still come back to life with some attention the paint was very strong and was a stunning col our. And might be worth a try on a small area just so you can see.I doubt modern paint can match the original for gloss and depth. Good luck with the restoration. John
  4. Wow stunning car! Love to see some more photos.
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